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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'With much suspicion, customs inspector Kressin is seated next to a lady named Lyn on a flight back from a conference in Istanbul.

    Shortly after landing in Düsseldorf, as they waits for baggage, Ulf Bender rolls dead off the baggage carousel.  Hoping to find the perpetrator, Kressin immediately runs into the baggage area and clashes with the investigating commissioner Pertram.  

    So that Lyn doesn't have to wait so long, he fast tracks her through customs.  Before he knows it she disappears, along with the suitcase.  However, she left a bag that Kressin takes.  

    While looking for Lyn, he meets another named Mona Capell, who is the dead man's girlfriend.'  She is standing, disturbed in the reception area. 'She lets him bring her to her luxurious home, past the police in her car.  Mona asks Kressin to stay
    because she doesn't want to be alone.

    It doesn't take long for Inspector Pertram to appear.  He reprimands Kressin for getting in his way again.  Pertram asks Mona about Bender and how she interacted with him, but' he 'doesn't find out much.

    Kressin takes Lyn's bag into the office and examines it for its contents.  In it he finds two female 'chess game pieces' made of jade and the card of an antique dealer.'   Also, 'he found out Lyn's address' and he noticed a valuable chess game there
    from the early 18th century with very similar pieces.  When he shows up at Lyn's, she' does not' seem 'very surprised and' looks 'happy to get her bag back.  While he is flirting with her and asking about the chess game characters, her boyfriend
    appears and Kressin says goodbye.

    In Café Elite, where Bender often played chess with his fellow students, he meets a girl named Christina and the not very talkative Axel sometimes interested in asian culture and a friend of Bender's.  In front of the café, Kressin discovers Mona,
    again.  She confesses that she recently entrusted all of her jewelry to Bender in codeword-secure case.  He had loaned this to the pawnbroker Göbel for 250,000 DM in order to make a deal with it.  When Bender returned, however, he had 350,000 DM with
    him.  Kressin asks Mona to try to redeem the jewelry.  He confronts Göbel - after all, he would have had a motive to kill Bender in order to be able to keep the much more valuable jewelry.  When Kressin delivers the codeword secure case to Mona she
    wants him to look away.' She cannot open it immediately, maybe because the code word had been changed' to "Tina" from "Yapu".  Mona says that the jewelry is all there, after opening it on a second try..'

    Kressin goes back to the airport and meets Lyn, who is flying to Hong Kong.' Then he visits Christina.  She claims to know who killed Bender, but doesn't want him to be punished.  He also learns from her that Axel and an acquaintance are up to
    something again.  

    So, he observes Axel and follows him to a larger property, into which' he manages to get into, but 'is knocked down and is unconscious.  When he wakes up, he is in a room with his old rival gang boss Sievers.  Kressin suspects him of smuggling, whereas
    Sievers explains to him that he exports gold' to the far east 'and sells it there with a 50% profit.  However, the import of gold is not allowed in Singapore and is therefore dangerous for the' courier.  'Kressin suspects that Bender wanted to handle
    the lucrative business past the wants of Sievers and was therefore eliminated.   Sievers assures that all Kressin however, needs to do is give the Singapore authorities a tip in order to get rid of a courier - and he doesn't know the courier, as
    everything is organized through Axel.

    Kressin speaks to the customs council, his superior, about what's happened,  One of them remembers and talks about an incident in Saarland where a larger amount of gold was found on a dead person.  Kressin contacts commissioner Liersdahl in Saarbrü
    cken, but that' doesn't get anywhere.  'So, he looks for Axel in the café and wants to confront him when inspector Pertram appears, asks about and detains Christina, whose forged passport he found in Bender's pocket.  When she appears in the café,
    she explains that she wanted to go to Peru with Bender.

    Kressin suspects that the name Christina ("Tina") is the reason for the changed code word on the jewelry case, and confronts Mona with this. Mona tried had this code word secondly.  She admits that she shot Bender out of jealousy.  Since Kressin
    thinks that inspector Pertram will' deal with' Mona, he leaves her alone and goes to the airport just as Lyn arrives, again.  He informs the customs officers to take a closer look at Lyn and her luggage.  Mona also arrives at the airport to leave, but
    the police manage to arrest her on the plane at the last moment.'

    SOURCE: (updated)
    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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