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    STORY LINE (in english):

    'An elderly woman's handbag is stolen' by 'a homeless person in the Bogenhausen cemetery. Police classroom instructor Veigl, who showed recruits a film about the kidnapping of a millionaire, takes on this case too, despite now' being on 'vacation because
    he is upset about the robbery of the defenseless, poor' old lady 'pensioner. The woman' is able to remember 'that the perpetrator wore white and blue sneakers.

    Veigl asks around a homeless shelter and learns that a man with white and blue sneakers has' often 'been seen there. At' a soup kitchen, 'Veigl and Lenz' are finally able to catch 'the robber. This homeless man, Franz Sondermeier, has jewelry in his
    pocket that is not worth much, but Sondermeier probably doesn't know.

    Veigl then goes on' his 'vacation to the Chiem Lake, together with his colleague Liersdahl from Saarbr├╝cken. Liersdahl reads Veigl an article about a break-in, which' gets Veigl thinking about the Sondermeier case. Veigl connects this article with the
    jewelry seized from Sondermeier. So, he drives with a local colleague out to the courtyard of a burglary victim, where he learns that the property has meanwhile been sold because the' burglary 'victim, an old lady, has meanwhile moved to' a nursing '
    home. The buyer is a certain Schilling from Munich, who never lived in the courtyard property, but only cordoned it off.

    Veigl also finds an old identity card at this place where Franz Sondermeier allegedly was a robbery perpetrator, 'which belonged to the deceased husband of the burglar victim. Sondermeier finally admits' to both the 'robbery in the cemetery and the
    break-in into the courtyard.

    Lenz finds Schilling, Veigl seeks him out, too. Schilling lives in a small guesthouse, although he has bought the large' property along 'the Chiem Lake. Schilling' expresses that he saved up the money to buy the courtyard. He does not give the reason
    why he leaves this property empty and lives' on a 'pension. Schilling has a fairly extensive criminal record, there is currently nothing against him. However, he gets nervous, speaks on the phone with some South American friends' involved in 'his
    criminal past and says that Veigl asked him about the property and asks what he should do.

    Meanwhile Veigl tries to obtain a search warrant from Schilling. At this time he is called by Schilling, who wants to meet him and give him information about the kidnapping case of the millionaire Schneck, in which Veigl has been investigating for a
    long time without success.

    Schilling is being followed by people who want to kill him and does not appear at the agreed meeting with Veigl. In Schilling's pension room, Veigl finds that there has been a break-in and the room has been ransacked. Veigl finds a letter to Schilling
    that contains an advertisement about the sale of a property. Veigl drives with the kidnapping victim Schneck, who had been blindfolded during the kidnapping trip, the alleged route back from his house to the courtyard that Schilling had bought.

    Despite' renovations, Schneck thinks he 'recognizes the main building of the courtyard from the knob of the banister' where he had been hidden, in 'which he had been held captive during' the 'kidnapping.

    Veigl quickly' assumes 'that Schilling must have acted as a front man for the old accomplices of his criminal past. Zimmermann, Schilling's former gang leader, was found alive in Buenos Aires via Interpol, but returned to Munich the day before. Veigl
    suspects that Zimmermann wants to collect the money from the kidnapping as the police are about to find out about him.

    Veigl and Lenz are waiting for Zimmermann at the airport, but in vain because he landed in Zurich and took the train to Munich. Brettschneider believed in this variant and' thus waited 'at the main train station, where he' was able to 'arrest Zimmermann.

    Veigl fails, however, to adequately justify his suspicions before the judge so now, Zimmermann 'has to be released.' And immediately 'after his release, Zimmermann goes to the bank to collect the money from the kidnapping. Lenz and Veigl follow him
    when he wants to leave the bank with a suitcase. Instead of money, the suitcase contains pieces of jewelry that Zimmermann allegedly inherited. Lenz wants to check the coat and finds out that Zimmermann has hidden the money there. After a short chase
    scene in the bank, Zimmermann is arrested with the money 'from Mr. Schneck's kidnapping.

    After that, nothing stands in the way of continuing Veigl's holiday' at Chiem Lake.'

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    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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