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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Shortly before his sentence is over, prison inmate Dieter Brodschella uses an opportunity to escape while doing outdoor work (peat cutting) in a chain gain. Thoughts of revenge drive him to it.  He wants revenge for his girlfriend who was found dead
    in the garden of the most powerful man in' Niederau,  real estate executive Werner Kresch, after a new year's eve party.

    Inspector Finke is sent to the small town in Schleswig-Holstein with the task of tracking down the escaped man and bringing him back to prison.  But, it is not that easy.  The fugitive naturally does not want to be caught, and' the familiar people' and
    surroundings, like 'the disused gravel pits, courtyards, old brickworks and barns offer him a variety of hiding places and' advantages.

    The fact that "somehow all residents are related to each other", as the local police officer Heise, himself about to' retire, says, is 'another obstacle in the investigation.  Their willingness to provide information will certainly be limited.  The
    prospective retiree knows what he is talking about, as he is the step-brother-in-law of the wanted person.

    In addition, inspector Finke has trouble with his superior Mertens in Kiel.  They disagree on the assessment of two issues.  The lady hotel worker provides a cut-out news article detailing how an old woman there took her own life' and 'her landlord,
    the most powerful man in Niederau and a potential victim of revenge, recently increased her rent.  And recently, the underage fifteen-year-old girl Heike Borcherts, the daughter of the Kresch housekeeper, Mrs. Borcherts, reported her rape by' a vagrant
    to the police.  In contrast to his superior, inspector Finke sees connections with the case of the escaped prisoner.

    When Brodschella carried out a gun attack on Kresch in his house and was able to' escape from the 'detective in his hiding place with a friend on a bike in a gravel pit for' awhile.  Finke finds this hiding place and Brodschella begins to pack up and go.
      'Finke is punched by Brodschella or Brodschella's friend and a chase ensues.  Finke falls down a steep slope and' is nearly buried 'under the' gravel, unconscious.  Brodschella 'frees him, takes the service pistol and flees with the friend on a
    motorcycle, but later mails it back to him at the inn.  The lady hotel worker provides Brodschella with aid and comfort.

    Meanwhile, Kresch decides to act himself and not to rely on the police.  The cats and mouse games go slowly for awhile. Information is gotten through the sister of Ms. Borcherts, who was murdered and extorted by Kresch.  The hotel housekeep He and an
    assistant later finds the 'fugitive Brodschella.  Finke 'is also able to 'track Brodschella down a second time, but lets him escape.  Later, he says to his colleague Jessner: "We are even."'  

    Anyway, when 'Kresch and his companion track down the fugitive Brodschella to a barn' via the lady hotel worker.  Kresh shoots at it and sets it on fire trying to get Brodschella.  'In the meantime, Finke and Jessner also appear, and' then there is
    gunfire 'between the investigators and Kresch.  Brodschella manages to escape from the burning barn in time' to 'meet 'Kresch in an 'ambush.  Finke, on the other hand, fatally hits Kresch in the chest.  Kresch's companion and Brodschella are able to
    escape.Since Finke was unable to catch the fugitive escapee in' those few days, his 'boss from Kiel 'sends many more police from Eutin to 'catch him.  But Finke is lucky because Brodschella comes to his relatives' inn and surrenders to the inspector.'

    SOURCE: (updated)
    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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