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    STORY LINE (in english):'The graphic artist Eckstein' forges '100 DM notes in his workshop .He sees a report about the appearance of false 100 DM notes in Karlsruhe , Mannheim and Heidelberg which is being shown on television.  Commissioner
    Lutz, from the LKA police's counterfeiting department, says that twelve 'flowers' (nickname for counterfeit bills) 'have already been seized.  These can only be distinguished from real banknotes by the lack of a security strip.

    Hoyer is 'also informed about the report at the time.  Later, drives his fiancée, named Gaby, to work.  He, then obtains printing plates for 100 DM notes.' from Hepp in his newspaper printing house 'where Eckstein also is employed in a
    subordinate position.  Eckstein seems to want know something about this exchange.   

    Leaving the printing press, Hoyer - apparently not wearing a seatbelt - has an accident and' is nearly ejected from his car and is wounded, bloody, unconscious 'and hospitalized.  

    The police' ask questions and search his vehicle involved in the accident and' later 'found the twelve printing plates (clichés) for 100 DM notes' found 'in Hoyer's suitcase, as one exclaims: "Man, look at what that is! (,,Guck man was da drauf ist!"). 
    Meanwhile, two men are notified by someone on the phone.  Then, one of the two, named Alfons Wildner, promises to take care of the car first and then the apartment.  Trying to avoid onlookers in the stairwell, Wildner breaks into Hoyer's apartment
    with gloves on, searches it and takes some money - a few hundred - and papers.  The second man' 'pretends to be Hoyer's brother in the hospital' trying to find out 'his whereabouts.

    The police' place these '100 DM printing plates in connection with the already known series of counterfeit money' to a printer series described 'as A21.  At the same time, the car in the accident was later destroyed possibly by arson before the police
    could inspect it a second time.  The authorities' and others examine the different prints of money closer.  Lauresch an expert at this with the BKA authorities, is able to 'determine that the printing plates were' once 'faulty and had obviously been
    corrected.  In this context, commissioner Brauchle mentions another' series named: the “Stuttgart Flowers”.  These 100 DM forgeries are not printed, but' painted!  'And have deliberate errors, such as: “Deutscher Fußballbund” or “Deutsche
    Bundesbahn” instead of “Deutsche Bundesbank”, “Hundred false marks” instead of “Hundred German marks”, or “ Who imitates brandy "instead of" Who imitates banknotes".  From this series never more than two hundred appeared a month, but
    that for over 8 years.

    The alleged' Hoyer brother 'and Wildner show up at the hospital and want to see Hoyer.  However, the police find out that he has no brother and a head nurse is notified.  Lutz then gives the order to have Hoyer guarded in the hospital.  Shortly
    afterwards, the two men from the hospital turn up at Hepp's print shop, beat him up, kidnap him and give his boss his keys.  
    When Eckstein comes to work the next morning, he' sees the signs of a struggle that the' men had 'in the printing shop and he alerts the police.  They find traces of blood at the crime scene.  Lutz suspects a connection between the kidnapping and the
    counterfeit case. 

    Lutz interrogates the employees of the Hepp print shop 'including Eckstein.  So, he learns that Hepp and Eckstein have this 'counterfeit printing' know-how in this print shop. 

    Lutz then casually questions Hoyer's fiancée Gaby. "This says that you have no idea what he does for a living", he declares.  "We don't speak about that", she says in return.  'Meanwhile, Eckstein is clearing away possible evidence.  Commissioner
    Lutz assumes that Hoyer wanted to take the printing plates to a print shop in Bergheim.  Glöckle checks the two printing works in this part of town, but finds' no suspicion with either.

    Meanwhile, an unknown male corpse is found in Bavaria, presumably strangled.  The corpse is identified as the print shop owner Hepp. A witness testifies to having seen a taxi from Stuttgart at the place where Hepps' body was found on the night in
    question.  Munich police inspector Veigl discovers' related information from a 'wanted list and informs Lutz.  When checking the Stuttgart taxi drivers one of them Wildner, 'suddenly went for' a gun 'in the glove compartment and' is 'arrested.  

    Mr. Eckstein speaks to a boy who is supposed to change a forged 100 DM note in a bank for small bills.  The man at the bank counter recognizes the forgery, but Eckstein has already fled when the bank clerk looks in front of the bank' for anyone else'.

    In the meantime, Hoyer has died in hospital.

    Lutz and Brauchle are sure that Eckstein deliberately sent a 'boy to the bank' so that the flower, which has only a six instead of a seven-digit serial number, can be identified as such.  Lutz tests whether that wrong serial number' could even be' a
    telephone number. Indeed, this is the telephone number of the prison print shop in Bergheim.  The correctional officer Jauch, who is the supervisor of this prison printing shop, is arrested while attempting to hand over several bundles of forged 100
    DM bills to the alleged brother of Hoyer', also caught.

    Lutz knows that Eckstein made the “Stuttgart Flowers”, including the last one with the six-digit serial number, 'but' with which he, now as an informant, put the police on the right track in the case of the A21 series.  Lutz indicates that he maybe
    does not intend to punish Mr. Eckstein.'Stuttgarter Blüten

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