• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Look for the Woman or The Ghosts at Mummel Lak

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'A tour group, mostly coming from Kiel, is traveling by coach in the tri-border region between Germany, Switzerland and France.  'There are two friends on the trip: 'Erna Kern and Martha Turowski.  When the tour group makes an unscheduled stop at' 
    Mummel Lake 'after a trip over the Black Forest's 'Schwarzwaldhochstrasse' highway, 'most of the guests spend the evening at the' Berg Hotel, but 'a few are still out and about.  'The talk was mostly 'about Ms. Turowski and Ms. Kern, who' both 'had a
    dispute over a man traveling with them: Klaus-Dieter Kladde'.  'Suddenly there is a scream, Martha Turowski is brought' out from the lake unconscious.  However, attempts at resuscitation are unsuccessful and Ms. Turowski is dead.

    Commissioner Gerber starts the investigation but again, the talk is mostly about Ms. Turowski with everyone mostly gathered around, as the police want.  The commissioner asks Mr. Kladde, who dismisses his relationship with Mrs. Turowski as an affair. 
    The fellow travelers however, state that Kladde' focused on 'Ms. Turowski first and then later' 'Ms. Kern and promised marriage to both of them one after the other.  

    The tour guide Mr. Lüdecke, says that the alcoholic Mrs. Turowski locked herself in the bus toilet' room 'shortly before her death and that he freed her from' this 'predicament.  The situation was clearly uncomfortable for her.  The autopsy results'
    showed that 'while 'Ms. Turowski' drowned, 'the concentration of alcohol in the blood was relatively low.   There' was also mention of remnants of barbituates 'in her stomach.

    Gerber also finds out that Mr. Kladde is usually in the casinos.  We find out that he also has a criminal record as others in the tour group did.  His was for marriage fraud 'and some other fraud.'  'Mrs. Turowski had given him all of her money
    because he had told her he had business in France and wanted to start a new life with' her, there.  'In addition, Mrs. Kern had given him' no small amount 'of money because he had promised her the same.  Gerber suspects that Kladde killed Mrs. Turowski
    because she found out that he betrayed her and wanted to report him.  So, Mr. Kladde is arrested on suspicion of murder.

    It turns out however, that Ms. Kern had secretly administered the sleeping pill to her former friend so that she and Mr. Kladde could leave for France without Martha Turowski knowing about it.  Meanwhile the tour guide Lüdecke, is found murdered in Mr.
    Brödersen's room.  Kladde is then released because he is eliminated as a' suspect.'  

    Mr. Niebüll 'notifies commissioner Gerber because his room has been broken into and his luggage ransacked.  During a trip to Hohenbaden castle, Niebüll sees Mrs. Lorenz tampering with his photo equipment and trying to' steal film.  Mrs. Lorenz '
    flees and Mr. Niebüll follows.  In the meantime, the hotel staff finds unused towels in the spring house by the lake.  The teacher Mrs. Lorenz, had asked for towels on the evening of the crime, as they would be missing in her room.  She had
    previously hidden her own towels in her suitcase and in the spring house the following morning and asked for new ones in order to obtain an alibi.  

    The hotel staff again notify the police, as this behavior makes Ms. Lorenz' a possible suspect.  'Back in Kiel, she had started a relationship with the tour guide Mr. Lüdecke, which the two successfully kept a secret from the 'rest of the 'tour group. 
    During' an odd moment 'in the coach, the two were discovered by Ms. Turowski when she went back to the coach to get something out.'

    So, Mrs. Lorenz 'followed Mrs. Turowski to' try to 'swear her to silence.' Ms. Lorenz's appearances back home and her travels in "better circles" in Kiel where one of her students is also part of this very tour group all wouldn't fit her desired image
    with this getting out.  Hearing this request, Ms. Turowski only mocked her and insulted her', calling a "whore".  So, Mrs. Lorenz attacked Mrs. Turowski, and 'she fell into the lake.  Mrs. Lorenz also murdered Mr. Lüdecke because he suspected that
    she had killed Mrs. Turowski.  Mr. Niebüll had unsuspectingly photographed her at the spring house, so she wanted to steal the film from him on which the telltale negatives could be seen.

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    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
    -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen
    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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