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    'An American private detective, named Johnson? is shot dead in Bonn and the murderer' named 'Charlie Umlaut is' able to be 'arrested.  The German authorities suspect a connection with drug trafficking and put customs investigator Kressin on the case.'
      A man named Sandy, Johnson's 'partner, travels from the USA and tells Kressin about the case they are investigating: An American presidential candidate is blackmailed with a photo that shows him with a stranger.

    When Umlaut' is able to 'escape and Kressin is injured to the point of hospitalization during his pursuit, Sandy carries out the investigation.  In Cologne, he shadows Christa, the woman depicted in the photo.' He drugs 'her with a pill that he puts in
    her coffee, and lets himself be photographed with her.  He then, mounts the head of an Italian politician in the photos.  He explains to her that he wants to get into the blackmail business.

    Christa reports' 'Sandy to Mensur, who heads an international blackmailer ring from Bonn.  He has the detective kidnapped and brought to work in his organization.  Together with Christa he is assigned to an African politician named Luthini, whom they'
    incapacitate 'at a conference at Petersberg mountain and they photograph him with Christa in a compromising way.

    Then,  Sandy and Christa meet for a romantic picnic nearby at Dragon's Rock (Drachenfels),  but they are surprised and threatened by Mr. Umlaut who seems to be suffering from drugs or madness.  They receive the next order from Mensur, which concerns
    a Chinese diplomat in Essen.  Here, they argue for the first time because Christa' questions Sandy's behavior' as 'too rough, which she also complains about at Mensur.  One also learns that Umlaut is falling out of favor with Mensur because of his
    drug problems.

    The two 'are later assigned to a European politician whom they follow on a ship' along 'the Rhine.'  The politician 'does not show himself to be blackmailed, but even pleased about the incriminating images, because he would like an image as a bon
    vivant.'  'Christa shows great doubts about her activities and' even 'her life.  She confesses her love to Sandy, whereupon he explains his investigation.  Together they plan to outsmart Mensur and secure the' negatives 'of the recordings' involving '
    the US politician.'

    In their 'last assignment, Christa approaches a minister in Cologne.  When she meets with Sandy in the middle of a carnival procession, they are discovered and attacked by Umlaut' and 'Sandy kills him in an unarmed fight.  The two go back to Bonn.  In
    a back room of the university fencing room, Sandy meets Mensur, who exposes him as a detective and challenges him to a fencing duel.  Sandy is far inferior to the professional, but' 'defends himself with' an 'entire collection of medieval weapons
    hanging on the walls and can finally kill Mensur with a battle ax, but is also injured himself.  He takes the film negative with him.

    But then Christa appears, threatens him with a pistol and wants the negative for herself.  Sandy flees, is caught up with and shot by her' on 'the same street where his American partner was' 'killed' before.  'Christa believes she has killed him and
    weeps over the loss, but Sandy is still alive and' he 'shoots her.'  He now 'mourns her betrayal and death.'

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    (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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