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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'The friends Rudi, Fred and Jürgen, who have no completed vocational training and who keep their heads above water with odd jobs, dream of big money and plan to rob a money transport.  The transport drivers Seibert and Friese had the feeling on
    previous trips that they had been observed and followed by different cars and reported their suspicions to the police. 

    As the silver garage door opens, 'Konrad's assistant Robert goes along on the next trip, but he and the drivers are tricked by' Rudi's 'trio and the friends escape with about 750,000 Deutschmarks.  In order not to be caught with the' money,' they bury
    it in the nearby forest, except Fred walked with 3,000 of it.

    Everything is going as planned.  The three fabricate alibis, and the police have no trace.  However, Rudi becomes suspicious that Fred, because of his constant lack of money, will dig up the money alone and before the agreed rest period.  So he drives
    Jürgen's car into the forest and digs up the money.  He is seen by a forester, whom he runs over.'

    'The forester is just injured and makes a note of the car number.  When Jürgen reports the car as stolen, the police pay attention.  Robert, Konrad's assistant, follows him to Gerda Martin's bar, where he meets Fred and Rudi.  Konrad does not believe
    in the alibis of the three and pains them.  Gerda gives Rudi a false alibi for the accident with the forester, but demands 200,000 marks from the loot so that she can keep her mouth shut.  Rudi orders Fred to kill Gerda and promises him to send his
    share immediately to the main post office in Munich with a password via special mail.  Fred doesn't really want to at first, but after Rudi sends off the package, Fred apparently accepts killing 'Gerda and then finding out the password over the phone.

    Fred goes to Gerda, but instead of killing her, he suggests that she outsmart Rudi by faking her disappearance and then they both run away with the money.  Gerda' later tells this to 'her old friends Sielmann and Leibel' and they face 'Rudi.  They beat
    the password "Have a good trip" out of him and take most of the' money 'that Rudi had hidden at home away with them.  Rudi then' confesses 'at the police station and Fred is arrested in Munich's main post office when he is' to pick 'up the package.  

    Sielmann then deposits 'the rest of the' money 'in Switzerland into a numbered account.  On his return he is stopped at the border, but evades arrest by driving through with his Opel Admiral.'  Fleeing at high speed' in a bend, he hits a crane truck
    and is killed.  He takes the bank information with him to the grave' and 'the money is gone forever to Switzerland.'

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