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    'Marek's assistant Wirz finds a male corpse on a country road.  The man has been dead for twelve to fourteen hours, his face is unrecognizable because a truck has obviously driven over his skull. Neither an accident nor suicide or even murder can be
    ruled out.

    The dead man turns out to be the freight forwarder Sebastian Kremer. Wirz brings the news of her death to the widow Marion Kremer, the dead man's third wife and Kremer's daughter, Isabell.

    Another chief inspector from the state police visits chief inspector Marek and reports that 80 tons of uranium-containing rock have disappeared in a neighboring Eastern Bloc state.'  Cargo and vehicles were 'exchanged and the rock was covered with
    coal.  So, the rock was brought across the border to Austria.  An informant; the alleged Baron Terp, has led the Austrian authorities' to more clues - 'that of the freight forwarder Sebastian Kremer.
    Meanwhile, Isabell Kremer tells Wirz that she hates her stepmother and accuses her of killing her first husband and father.  In addition, she is after her, too.

    Isabell Kremer' says to Wirz that her stepmother has a relationship with a certain Kressin and introduces Wirz to Baron Terp as her fiancé, who introduces himself as a close friend of the deceased man.

    Meanwhile over refreshments, inspector Marek talks with Prendergast, who worked for Sebastian until a year ago and was the managing director of the forwarding company.  He left after friction with Sebastian Kremer because he found his position
    unsatisfactory.  Despite his position, Kremer did not let him decide anything, preferring to act on his own.

    Marek visits the Kremer residence and meets Marion Kremer there, whom he suspects'.  Then, he talks to Kressin, who tells inspector Marek rather loudly and conspiciously in this Kramer household visit that he has lost his job as customs inspector
    because of romantic interludes and that he has known Marion Kremer for three weeks, during which he did not even want to see the host' of the family.  

    Later, 'Marek talks to Baron Terp, who claims to be afraid of Marion Kremer and insinuates that she is trapping other people with a kind of "velvet trap".  Did he include himself?  Shortly afterwards, Terp is now dead; with a' gun shot to 'the forehead.

    Meanwhile, Kressin seeks out Prendergast, and' loudly accuses him' of actually being this Sebastian 'Kremer, who was believed to be now dead.  He' realized 'it because he saw him running through the house and garden in the Kremer house as only a
    householder would know his house and his garden.  He also followed Isabell and saw that she was visiting her father, alias Prendergast.'

    This Sebastian Kremer suddenly threatens Kressin with a gun. 'Kressin still knows that Kremer shot Terp.  Kremer wanted to get his paintings, which were his only remaining asset, out of his house. Terp was in the way and therefore had to die. Sebastian
    escaped with the most valuable painting.

    Sebastian Kremer, in turn, knows that Kressin is still with customs and is after him.  Kremer wants to move to South America with his daughter.  Kremer has Kressin at gunpoint.  Kremer also admits that he stole the uranium-bearing rock.  Sebastian
    accidentally killed Prendergast, the two had an argument and he threw a heavy ashtray at his head.  However, he had to shoot Tarp because he recognized his dead friend.

    Kremer wants to shoot Kressin as soon as the phone rings, when he learns that the rock has crossed the border.  In the meantime, however, due to a comment by a suspect in another case about alienating appearance,  Marek has also discovered that this is
    Sebastian Kremer or the alleged Pendergast and' gets into 'the apartment, where he distracts Sebastian so that Kressin can disarm him.  Immediately afterwards, the phone rings.

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    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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