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    STORY LINE (in english):
    Dr. Tonndorf' manages a Hamburg data center, which has computers storing among other things' 'donors and recipients' names for kidney  transplants' 'He is shot dead at his workplace one Sunday while' 'working. 
    The porter' quickly 'finds the body, but' didn't 'see the perpetrator come or go.  His assistant, Jill Biegler, was briefly in the office that day, but had left the building shortly before the murder' to which 'the porter can confirm.  She says that
    she was interested in Tonndorf, but that Tonndorf was homosexual and therefore not interested.  She also does not know' of any Tonndorf 'enemies.Shortly afterwards, a stranger breaks into Biegler's apartment and turns on the gas tap in the bathroom' '
    to kill her in her sleep. The attempt, however,' failed 'to kill Biegler.  When she regains consciousness, she advises Police Kommissar Trimmel to get data from the computer about Professor Lachnitz, who carries out kidney removal from the newly
    deceased.  However, the Lachnitz survey did not reveal any suspicion.  On the way back from Lachnitz, Trimmel suffered a traffic accident in which he was slightly injured.  Obviously, the steering of the car was manipulated.Helena Biegler, Jill's
    sister, has kidney disease and is on dialysis.  She urgently needs a donor kidney, Jill had gone to bed with Professor Tonndorf so that he would prefer her when looking for a donor.  While looking through the computer data in the data center, Trimmel
    learns from Jill's sister and expresses the suspicion that Jill might have killed Tonndorf because he did not get his sister's kidney.  Jill may have obtained an alibi with the help of her sister .Meanwhile, Prof. Becker, who was in close contact with
    Tonndorf, has a patient in Munich,' a 'millionaire, named 'Munck, who urgently needs a donor kidney.  A friend of his had received a new kidney from Prof. Becker against payment of half a million Deutschmarks.  Munck offers a full million, but Prof. 
    Becker tells him that his supplier has died and that it is therefore not possible for Munck to get a new kidney.Meanwhile, one of Kommissar Trimmel's assistants, Petersen,' focuses on Frau Brauer, one of the last donors from whom Lachnitz removed the
    kidneys.  Brauer had given her consent to this operation.  Petersen assumes that Brauer had agreed to the removal so that her husband could be kept alive two days longer.  Since the brother of the deceased was also dying and both were the heirs of
    their father, a very rich and very old shipowner, the fact that her husband survived his brother resulted in a more favorable line of succession for them and their children.When Trimmel's assistant Lobe wants to visit Jill Biegler, he comes across her
    friend Berti, who has been hiding with her from the police for several days because he is wanted for an attack on the Hamburger Hochbahn. This' is saying 'that he met Jill through her sister Helena and that he had nothing to do with the gas attack on
    Jill.Since Jill' 'still says' to Trimmel 'nothing about her sister and claims to have met Berti in a disco, Trimmel doesn't believe her anymore. Inspector Trimmel visits Prof.  Becker in Munich and confronts him with his suspicion that he had Tonndorf
    killed because he had made ever greater demands on the kidneys.  Trimmel gets upset and collapses, since his injuries from the car accident were obviously more severe than expected.  Prof. Becker calls a colleague for help and arranges an emergency
    operation.  He only tells his colleague that the' Hamburg police's Trimmel 'collapsed as soon as he got to his office. Prof. Dr. Becker operates on Trimmel, who's 'had a brain hemorrhage.  Dr. Becker did not let Trimmel die.Then, 'Prof. Dr. Becker and
    his wife commit suicide while Trimmel is slowly recovering from the operation.  He wanted to avoid that his illegal organ procurement becomes public and he has to answer for it. Meanwhile,  Petersen and L Bäumen interrogate Jill Biegler and Berti. 
    Petersen noticed the similarity of the two hairstyles, so that he and Lüllen test whether Berti could not have left the car park of the data center instead of Jill Biegler.  In fact, from a distance, the porter thinks Berti is Jill Biegler.Jill
    continues to deny the fact, but Berti finally breaks down and admits 'the truth, 'whereupon Jill also makes a confession.  He had promised her a kidney for his sister, but would rather move the kidneys expensively than provide one to save the life of
    Jill's sister Helena.  She felt exploited and betrayed and therefore took revenge on Tonndorf.  She also hoped to manage the data center so that she would have been able to get a kidney for her sister herself.  The supposed “attack” on Kommissar
    Trimmel's car, on the other hand, turns out to be a botched job by Trimmel's police auto workshop.
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