• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Kressin and the Man with the Yellow Suitcase'

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'Kressin brings his girlfriend Inez, to the airport, and as soon as he has said goodbye,' he sees the next lady'.  When he sees her getting out of' gang boss Sievers' Rolls-Royce and into a sports car in the parking lot, he follows her' immediately.
    An 'assassin with a sniper rifle waits hidden in a building next to the' West German parliament 'building in Bonn.  When a man with a yellow suitcase gets out of a taxi and walks towards the building, he is fatally hit and collapses. 

    In the crush of passers-by, an accomplice of the assassin steals the suitcase and stows it in a waiting car, but then walks on and disappears on foot.  The assassin calmly goes to the car, gets in and escapes undetected, while the police and forensics 
    take care of the' victims.Meanwhile, 'Kressin follows the lady from the airport to the Mondorf ferry and has to wait.  The assassin uses the same ferry, enters it on foot, hides the yellow suitcase on the ferry and leaves it at the last moment while
    it is already casting off.  The lady pursued by Kressin goes into the toilet and comes out with the suitcase. 

    So, he follows her through the city to a luxurious property, the villa of a recently deceased scrap dealer named Lamprecht. Kressin gets out of the car and looks around while she meets' gang boss 'Sievers inside and hands him the suitcase.  It contains
    photos and sensitive documents that would convict Sievers of illegal arms deals.  The murdered man wanted to make it public, so' the underworld boss 'Sievers had him' removed. 'The police manage to track down the taxi driver who drove the victim from
    Bonn central station to the Bundestag building, and he knows about a striking yellow suitcase, which is no longer there.  Kressin appears at inspector Holbein's because he had found out about the murder and wants to tell him that he knows where the
    suitcase may have gone.  The identity of the' murdered man 'is now also established and leads to Vienna. There Kressin contacts the local inspector Marek and learns that the file "Wild", as the' murdered man 'was called, had already become a state'
    investigation 'there and that it is about arms deals.  This closes the circle, because "Wild", the murdered man, 'wanted to meet with member of parliament' Dr. Huppenhauer.  'He sits on the defense committee and had determined that it makes more
    economic sense not to scrap old military vehicles and weapons, but to sell them to “needy” countries. 

    The arms dealer Nobiling was responsible for handling these semi-legal transactions.  It had annoyed him for a long time that Sievers, the gang boss, kept ruining his business. Since the disclosure of Sievers' involvement in the arms trade had failed,
    Nobiling is forced to approach him to come to an agreement.  Kressin drives back to Lamprecht's Villa 'and suddenly appears during this conversation.  He makes it clear that Nobiling sent "Wild" - as the now dead man was called - to incriminate '
    Sievers - that would have eliminated him as a competitor.  Since Sievers had noticed this, he again had the informant "Wild", as the dead man was called, 'removed before he could pass the documents on.  The police arrive and arrest everyone - this time
    Sievers, too.  But while the police are taking him to the car, it is blown up in front of their eyes and' the gangster 'Sievers is able to escape again. 

    SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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