• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Flotsam' - english). 'Strandgut' 19th episode,

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    STORY LINE (in english):
    The brothers Helmut and Karli Possky use Christa and Manuela on' the beach of Sylt island 'to blackmail wealthy men with compromising photos. When Christa falls in love with her victim, the prospective state secretary in the Warrlau ministry of the
    interior, she wants to flee the island. She is intercepted by them at the train station and pressured to continue to participate. When Mr. Warrlau and Christa are having fun in the dunes, the Posskys appear and beat him up. Christa flees in fear. But
    they are seen by a couple of hikers fleeing.Inspector Finke and his assistant Jessner (disguised as a building contractor with son) are sent to Sylt to investigate the blackmail. Warrlau is silent and dismisses the incident as an accident so as not to
    endanger his career. However, thanks to the hiking couple, Finke' quickly locates and interrogates 'the brothers.

    They however, are clueless, although the police have noticed them negatively many times in the past.Manuela also no longer wants to play the brothers' game and with the doctor Dr. Rudolph Kühne' wants to 'start a new life. Her sister Brigitte in Lü
    beck, is terminally ill and is being treated by Kühne. When Christa' 'washed up dead on the beach the next morning after going to the disco, the Posskys ask about her and' come 'under suspicion of murder.' 'For this, Finke sends Jessner to Frankfurt to
    one of the blackmail victims , from whom he believes he will now get an honest testimony. Jessner gets help from inspector Konrad, but his interrogation turns into an embarrassing debacle and does not bring any result.

    When 'Manuela's body' also washes 'ashore a little later, the case seems almost clear. For Finke, the Posskys are suspected of having murdered their apostate girls. When a young couple testifies that they saw the beach attendant Hannes with a sack on
    the beach at night, Finke and Jessner start researching in this direction. They observe the beach attendant and witness how he often interacts with Dr. Kühne' when they meet. 'She is also amazed by the way Kühne has received Manuela's death.
    Meanwhile, Manuela's sister has arrived and is staying with Dr. Bold one. The very close relationship and the habits make Finke suspicious.

    The sudden testimony of young Detlef Kannisser, who was with Christa on the evening of her death, turned the tide. He states that Christa took her own life and that he could not save her because he cannot swim. Finke now suspects that Manuela might not
    have been murdered by the Posskys and questions Kühne again in his house in the presence of Brigitte. He discovers that the two sleep in one bed and not separately. Brigitte panics and locks herself in the bedroom. But, suddenly she steps out again
    as Manuela.Dr. Kühne tells of Brigitte's suffering and that Manuela faked her death to escape the Posskys. But, she has no idea that Dr. Kühne helped with Brigitte's death in order to quickly solve her problem with the help of Hannes.

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