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    STORY LINE (in english):'In broad daylight, three art thieves invade a picture gallery disguised as visitors. While one of them puts the security guard out of action, the other two cut pictures from their frames with a craft knife, unnoticed by other 
    visitors.  When the alarm is finally triggered, the perpetrators flee. Meanwhile, customs inspector Kressin has fun at a party and takes a liking to a pretty blonde - Anna, the wife of the painter Fred Markwitz.  When he takes a closer look at one of' this painter's 'pictures, he can't find much pleasure in it.'  'Kressin
    prefers to keep an eye on the painter's wife and speak to her, but she is very cool and distant. Max, a friend of her husband's, appears and they both leave the party.  As a consolation, Kressin flirts with Rita, an admirer of Markwitz and his art, and
    invites her to stay overnight.The next morning, Kressin is sent to the airport by the customs council, his' higher-ups.  'A delivery of mannequins to Amsterdam, in which ancient Madonnas are hidden, was discovered there.  Kressin doesn't wait for'
    reinforcements 'to appear, but he goes straight to the company that posted the delivery.  When Kressin confronts the company boss Jan Morton with the found Madonnas, the latter escapes from the office and closes the door behind him.  Since the phone
    doesn't work in the office, Kressin consoles himself with Morton's nice secretary Eva until inspector Wagner appears.

    Again on a new raid, the art thieves are caught stealing' in 'a church, but are able to escape and run over a police officer while trying to escape.  They express doubts about their work to Morton and want to quit.  Morton is not happy about this
    and threatens them.  As they' decide to 'flee, Max, who is the third man among the thieves, shoots the' other 'two, puts them in their car and sets it on fire.Kressin is' 'in bed with Eva when inspector Wagner calls and tells him that two of the church
    robbers have been found dead.  They' talk about Morton being 'behind it, but have no real lead.  Hoping to get further' on 'Amsterdam, Kressin' asks 'Eva about Morton's contacts, there.A review of Morton's business records reveals that modern art,
    including pictures by Markwitz,' were 'also sent.  Kressin therefore seeks' out 'Fred Markwitz, but is turned' away 'by Anna.  He drives away again for pretense, but comes back and invades the old homestead unnoticed.  He observes a quarrel between
    Markwitz and Max, for whom Markwitz paints over the stolen pictures that are smuggled in camouflage. Kressin is able to overwhelm Max and brings Markwitz to a confession.  The police appear, arrest Max and bring the painter and his wife to the presidium
    for questioning.Since only one of the 28 stolen pictures could be seized from Markwitz, Kressin was able to convince the customs council to send him on a business trip to Amsterdam to track down the remaining pictures and to find the man behind Morton. 
    Hoping that Eva will find the gallery she once visited with Morton,' Kressin 'takes her with him. Peter, a colleague of the Dutch police, is waiting for him at the airport .

    Finally, Kressin and Eva find the gallery in question.  When they enter, a wealthy gentleman is saying goodbye whom Eva recognizes.  He is greeted by Anna at his car and they drive away together.  The gallery owner gives evidence of Stelldom, a
    passionate collector and owner of many old paintings.  Kressin then observes his house and sees him talking to Morton.  When Anna also appears, the three of them go into a secret room in which the pictures stolen by Morton's people hang.  Morton
    threatens Stelldom because he wants more money from him and damages one of the pictures as a sign that he is serious.  Stelldom issues a check for 100,000 guilders, which Anna takes spontaneously.  She threatens Morton with a pistol and when he tries
    to defend himself, she pulls the trigger.  At this moment, Kressin appears, who has meanwhile snuck into the house.  Anna flees outside, where Sievers is leaving in the Rolls-Royce. 

    The police arrive and arrest Anna.When saying goodbye at the airport, Peter Kressin hands over a list of the stolen pictures that were found at Stelldom's, but all of them are forgeries.  Kressin suspects that Markwitz has a hand in it.  Back in
    Cologne, 'Kressin confronts Markwitz and' there, 'Markwitz - proud of having been smarter than Anna, Max and Morton - gives everything straight away.

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    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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