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    STORY LINE (in english):
    'On the' fairgrounds, chief detective 'Klipp from the police burglary department has fun at the shooting' gallery, 'while a solid marital' dispute takes place' where 'the Forster family' is.  'After Klipp' saw 'a fortune teller there, he found Otto
    Forster shot in one of the gondolas of' a 'ghost train' ride.

    'Klipp carefully secures the crime scene and the witnesses and' then 'waits until detective Konrad from the homicide squad arrives.Forster's wife does not seem particularly shaken; she is on her way to see her mother, the said fortune teller.  Konrad
    and Klipp question the employees of the ghost train ride, who are not very cooperative.'  These two policemen 'then' take a ride 'down the train' path 'to get' any 'ideas' on what else happened 'and discover a second bullet hole in a figure' display. 

    Paul Horn,' who was in the area, 'speaks' 'at the back exit and says that the dead man was a very unpleasant person.' The next morning, he had 'had' a fatal 'accident.  With his last words he' warned 'Klipp and Konrad about "any contacts".  Forster's
    widow is convinced' of 'murder and not' just 'an accident.  Klipp got the address of Zink, the owner of the ghost train and several other show shops, and called inspector Konrad.  He announced to Klipp that he was allowed to completely take over the
    ghost train case due to the great shortage of staff at the homicide squad.  The inspector immediately threw himself into work and looked for' Zink.  'His villa' shows 'evidence of great wealth, which does not really fit the meager life of' a 'showmen.
    Klipp secretly follows Zink to the freight station and learns that a tractor and two wagons for' Zink 'are being loaded.  'He secretly stows another box on the wagon, but before the train can move towards the border, Klipp calls in the customs
    investigation. Customs inspector Kressin arrives, has the ominous box' viewed, 'and finds a parcel of heroin in' a 'false bottom. 

    Klipp informs Konrad, and with police reinforcements he goes to' Zink, 'who immediately begins' shooting at them, 'but is then arrested.  'He vows not to be a murderer.Klipp goes back to Forster's widow, who had to admit her mother to the hospital at
    short notice.  On her deathbed, she, the fortune teller confesses that Zink had Forster firmly in hand with the drugs, but Forster wanted to get out.  He took out his frustration on his family and hit his child over and over again.  As a grandmother,
    she could no longer bear that and shot Forster because she didn't have long to live, anyway.'

    SOURCE: (updated)
    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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