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    STORY LINE (in english) 
    'The mentally ill Martha Hobiehler has escaped from' a mental health facility. 'After being in an unhappy relationship and having had an abortion, she had suffered from severe guilt complexes and had abducted a child twice to raise' 'as her own. One of
    the children had a fatal accident, for which she also blamed herself.

    When little Ulrike Benssen disappears from a playground a short time after Hobiehler's escape, the chief investigative inspector Veigl suspects that the child was kidnapped by the mentally ill woman, and he is right.

    Hobiehler has since found shelter with her friend Frieda, a prostitute who lives in an apartment with her friend and pimp Franz Ziehsl. Since Martha Hobiehler is wanted and has to camouflage herself, she thinks about how she can get into the
    hairdressing salon where she worked before going to the clinic' in order 'to steal material for wigs. The unscrupulous Ziehsl takes the opportunity to persuade Martha to break in. In fact, with the help of Martha's local knowledge, the two manage to
    break into the salon and steal material there. Ziehsl also looted the salon's weekly income of over DM 12,000' Deutsch Marks.

    Martha wants to flee abroad with little Ulrike, but needs money beforehand. Ziehsl suggests that she go on the street for him' as a prostitute.
    When the Benssen couple lost their trust in the work of the police and voluntarily offered a reward of DM 5,000 Deutsch Marks to get their daughter back, Ziehsl had the idea of blackmailing the wealthy couple for DM 100,000. The Benssens' go along with '
    Ziehsl's telephone blackmail' quickly.

    Veigl's' boss thinks 'that the kidnapping is not related to the Hobiehler case, Veigl, however, disagrees and' stays 'convinced of a connection and continues his investigation in this direction. When Ziehsl informs Martha about his plan, she is appalled
    and refuses to give the girl back. To prevent Ziehsl from bringing the child back, Martha tells Ulrike information about Ziehsl so that the little one can no longer be brought back to her parents without Ziehsl being discovered.

    Ziehsl then plans to kill the child after the money has been handed over. He instructs Frieda to give' 'knockout drops to Martha, so that he can carry out the deed. At this point, however,' a possible customer of Frieda's comes 'by as a surprise. When
    Ziehsl has an argument with him, Frieda manages' instead 'to give Ziehsl the knockout drops. Frieda lets Martha out of the apartment, where' she just decides to bring Ulrike back to her parents.

    When Martha Hobiehler then tried to hitchhike abroad, the driver who took the woman with her heard a description of Martha that was correct on the radio and stopped at the nearest petrol station to alert the police. When he comes back to his car, Martha
    has already fled' into 'the nearby forest. Since this is right on the border' abroad, 'it can be assumed that she managed to escape.

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    from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia -- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

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