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    STORY LINE (in english)
    'Max Bergusson waits and watches Femal Racadi visibly nervous at Milan-Malpensa airport and follows him into the city and back to the airport.  Although Bergusson has a ticket for the flight to Hamburg, he books a ticket for the flight AE 612 via 
    Athens to Beirut when he sees that Femal Racadi is checking in for this flight. Bergusson tries to contact chief detective Trimmel and lets him know that he should wait for him at Hamburg Airport that evening. Trimmel still knows Bergusson from a
    case a year ago. Bergusson's wife fell victim to a Palestinian bomb attack in Hamburg, but the suspect Femal Racadi had to be released for lack of evidence. Soon it can be determined that both Bergusson and Racadi are on board the' flight: 'AE 612.
    Around this time Bergusson hijacks the plane and forces the pilots to turn around and fly to Hamburg instead of Athens.  He wants to get Racadi arrested and convicted' with the help of 'Trimmel because he cannot come to terms with the results of the
    investigation. With the help of a subordinate police officer, while looking through the old files and evidence, Trimmel finds out that the time fuse of the bomb had been tinkered with' along with 'parts of a radio that was seized from the then
    girlfriend' of Racadi, which now clearly proves' Racadi 'perpetrator. 'Trimmel's assistant was able to arrest Racadi's former accomplice in a discotheque and later Racadi's former girlfriend in the apartment. The latter asserts that Racadi had no
    intention of killing anyone with the attack, but only wanted to draw attention to the situation of the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Racadi notices on board that the plane 'has changed direction. He brings a stewardess into his power' at gunpoint 'to
    force another change in course' back 'to the originally planned flight destination.'
    'After' more 'negotiations, the captain manages to' fly first 'to Hamburg, where all passengers' shall 'be released and then' fly with 'Racadi and the crew to Beirut.' 'Encouraged by a suggestion from Trimmel, Bergusson forces the pilots to land
    directly on the Elbe at MBB Airport Finkenwerder instead of Hamburg's Fuhlsbüttel Airport. Bergusson directs the' plane 'as close as possible to the banks of the Elbe so that' it 'cannot start again, if possible. After all passengers are released,
    Bergusson plans to shoot Racadi from the cockpit, but Racadi forces the rear door to open. After the pilot has opened the rear door;' defying 'Bergusson's instructions, the latter is inattentive for a moment, and the copilot manages to overpower
    Bergusson and hand him over to the police. Racadi flees with his hostage on' to nearby 'boat.  Air traffic controller Jürgens reports as a volunteer, who is supposed to steer the boat. This is the hostage's friend. He succeeds in disarming Racadi.
    While the two men are fighting, a policeman jumps into the boat and together the two men overpower Racadi.

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