• Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Exclusive!' - english). 'Exklusiv!' 1x9 ep.

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    STORY LINE (in english)
    The bank branch manager Edmund Frank is serving a life sentence for the murder of the girl Utta Grabowski and the embezzlement of one million D-Marks from his bank. He lets the editor-in-chief of a magazine visit him in prison and negotiates with
    him that he will help him to get a retrial with the aim of having the murder sentence overturned because he claims to be innocent in relation to the murder. In return for payment of half a million D-Marks', he wants to reveal the hiding place of his
    loot and exclusively tell his story to the magazine. After Frank has come to an agreement with the editor-in-chief, he begins to tell the story from the beginning.
    He meets the attractive Utta Grabowski in a dance hall and starts an affair with her, even though he is married. He' rents a holiday home in which he wanted to calmly prepare for his planned coup, but instead spends the time there with the young woman.
    Back at his bank in Hamburg, he waits for the end of the month to plunder the then full safe after work. His plan succeeds and he steals one million Deutschmarks. He repacks this in an aluminum suitcase and gives it' 'as luggage' during 'a train ride
    to Frankfurt, but then drives to the airport and flies to Paris. There, he spends one night and flies under a false name from Paris to Frankfurt to lure the police on the wrong track with regard to' his 'whereabouts. There, Frank takes the suitcase,
    buries it in a forest and immediately afterwards flies back to Paris with a false passport in order to conceal his stay in Frankfurt and the whereabouts of the loot.
    To his great surprise, not only' are the police' 'waiting for him in Paris (he wanted to face' them 'because he knew that he could only expect up to five years in prison and then have the money for himself' and 'also Utta Grabowski. She had found the
    note with the address of his Paris' guest house, 'which he had left behind' as' a red herring 'for the police in the holiday home where' their affair together was. Now, she wants to flee with him and his' loot, 'which she still suspects to be with him.
    He tries in vain to shake off' the situation. When she wants to keep the suitcase' 'which she suspects the' money's 'in as a pledge while he goes back to town because' trust breaks down, 'a scuffle breaks out between the two, in which she falls over the
    railing of a bridge and is fatally' injured 'in a small stream bed covered with stones.' 'Frank packs the body in the trunk, drives it to another' area 'of forest and buries the body there. Then, he burns her clothes and the bag in which he put the
    money from the bank.
    Back at his' guest house, 'he “confides” himself to the porter, describes his embezzlement and claims that tricksters had stolen his loot from him. Frank pretends to be remorseful. The porter suggests Frank' 'face the German embassy, which he
    does. Before he is transferred to Germany, Frank' makes 'a suicide attempt in the embassy in Paris.Back in Hamburg, the detective chief inspector Trimmel told him' straight out 'that he didn't believe his attempted suicide and asked Frank about Utta
    Grabowski. Frank pretends not to know her, but has to admit his affair with her because Trimmel has evidence that Frank knew Utta Grabowski.
    Trimmel also confronts Frank with the fact that Utta Grabowski was also in Paris, but he cannot prove that the two really met there. Meanwhile, the body of Utta Grabowski is found by berry hunters and can be identified. At the trial, Frank was based on
    circumstantial evidence' 'that he was at the scene of the corpse and must therefore' had 'buried' it 'there. He is therefore sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.In the office, the editor-in-chief overhears Frank's admission with his closing
    words that he loved Utta Grabowski. Another flashback shows how the editor-in-chief actually finds Frank's loot.
    He publishes the story and can use new evidence to prove that Utta Grabowski's death was not a murder, but an accident. However, the editor-in-chief writes in his last paragraph that Frank donates half of the money to the Red Cross. Frank cannot
    prevent this, as the editor-in-chief could postpone the payment of the fee forever, as the sum is only due after the last interview has been completed and the latter could' wait for 'him forever.
    So Frank has to grudgingly accept this deal.'

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