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    'Tatort' Season 1 Episode 2 ('Saarbrücken, an einem Montag ...' - german) called 'Saarbrücken on a Monday ...' in english is the first television film in the german language crime series 'Tatort', called 'Crime Scene' in english. This film was first
    broadcast in Germany on December 13, 1970.

    STORY LINE (in english):
    Commissioner Schäfermann is transferred from Ludwigshafen to Saarbrücken and works there with commissioner Liersdahl. Since Liersdahl investigates rather unconventionally and Schäfermann represents a model of correctness, the collegial relationship
    between the two is not always easy.

    Irene Hartmann finds out that her husband, Dr. Günther Hartmann, a mathematician in a steel mill, transfers money to his subordinate: the data processor Eva Konalsky and spies on her every month. She observes Eva and Gerd Dietz, an old college
    friend and recently a colleague of her husband, exchange envelopes in front of the main train station. She makes allusions to Dietz and her husband. After Eva receives a mysterious phone call, she disappears from her workplace without a trace.

    The commissioners initially suspect Eva's friend Sergeant Georges Gardentier, a missile specialist in the French army , because after he had recently informed Eva that he did not want to marry her, there had been a heated argument. With the assistance of
    French colleagues also investigating in France, they learn that Eva, who came from the GDR (East Germany), had been expelled from France on the basis of a vague suspicion of espionage. When Irene Hartmann is found shot dead on a French country road, her
    husband comes under suspicion.

    Finally, Schäfermann and Liersdahl find out the truth through the interplay of their very different methods: Dr. Hartmann found Gerd Dietz and Eva Konalsky, both of whom he had known for years from Mainz, for their jobs. Hartmann and Eva were a couple
    seven years ago - even before Hartmann met his future wife - and they have a child together, which Irene Hartmann did not know. Eva had a letter from Hartmann in which he admitted his paternity and blackmails him with it and with the wedding ring she had
    stolen. He asked his friend Dietz to give Eva 30,000 DM in exchange for the letter and the ring, but Eva bluffs and handed over an empty envelope. Since she still had a second letter that contained a reference to the fact that Dietz had murdered Eva's
    great love Holger Schmidt in Mainz nine years earlier - before he left for the Foreign Legion - she also tried to blackmail Dietz, whereupon he kills' Eva. 'Because Irene Hartmann sniffed into Dietz's past, he shoots her too. He visits Hartmann in the
    steelworks and threatens to kill him, too. A scuffle ensues, with Dietz falling into the glowing pig iron; killing him.'

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