• O.T. who to play Kinsey Millhone ?

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    With 17 books to her credit, Sue Grafton's heroine private detective Kinsey
    Millhone is long over due for the big screen, if not a made for TV movie.

    But which actress is best suited to play her ?

    Yes, her family has instructions never to allow her books to be turned into any other form of media. But it is interesting to speculate, isn't it? But just about all of the women on your list are way to old. Kinsey is supposed to be her her early to
    mid-thirties, probably late thirties during the last book. Some of these actresses are actually in their seventies.

    Odd to be replying to an 18 year old thread, but I was searching Kinsey Milhone because just the other day I was watching a youtube clip of an actress on a chat show and when she turned to the camera and struck a pose some part of my brain woke up and
    declared - "That's Kinsey Milhone!" Slim, blue jeans and pullover, medium length brown hair that little more attention than a regular shampoo, and probably a black dress tucked away somewhere just in case.

    Anna Kendrick.

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