• Could Fox and Marvel/Disney work together?

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    Post by Tenchi Masaki on yesterday at 4:08pm
    As we all know, the relationship between Fox and Marvel/Disney are strained due to Fox still owning the film rights to X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

    But what most people overlook that it's likely due to the actions of former Fox head (and current Sony head) Tom Rothman and Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter.

    Perlmutter became known for his constant penny pinching, had the Fantastic Four comics cancelled (not helping matters is that the comics themselves never sold well), and began downplaying the X-Men's roles post-Secret Wars. He also ordered them to not
    create (or promote) any more characters based on the X-Men and FF. Kevin Feige nearly left Marvel due to him clashing with Perlmutter, and as a result, Feige currently answers to Disney CEO Alan Horn, bypassing Perlmutter (who still controls the TV and
    Animation divisions).

    I don't know about Rothman, but it's been said that he meddled with Fox's Marvel films (Daredevil, X3: The Last Stand, FF2005 and its sequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), blocked efforts to have Deadpool made, saying that he "doesn't get it" and that the
    film would never draw, and greenlit FF2015, which flopped big time.

    With both Perlmutter and Rothman out of the way, do you think that it's a possibility that Fox and Marvel Studios/Disney work together on reintroducing the X-Men and FF into the MCU, much like what Columbia/Sony did with Spider-Man?

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