• Bloodsense the X-Man

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    Chapter 8

    'You know,' said Fuck Girl. 'These are great nachos.'
    'Wonderful,' replied Wrathbitch, down the alley from their green door, at the Mexican cafe on the corner which sold Fuck Girl's favourite junk food.
    'Ooh, he's hot. I'd do him,' said Fuck Girl, as a blonde bodybuilder walked by, and she winked at him. He was embarrassed. Fuck Girl was giving him the nod, and he was more of a born again, so continued on walking.
    'They never wanna fuck anymore,' said Fuck Girl. 'This city has become too conservative.'
    'You and your loins,' said Wrathbitch. 'Perpetually unsatisfied.'
    'Fuck you,' replied Fuck Girl, and continued on devouring her Nachos.

    'No I think they went this way,' said Bimbo, suddenly walking past Fuck Girl and Wrathbitch at the Mexican cafe, not noticing the two members of the Triumvirate of Terror in regular garb. Blonde and Beauty, frustrated, followed faithfully behind.
    'She's an idiot,' said Beauty.
    'No, I think she senses something. She has a keen nose,' replied Blonde.
    'Yep. Just like a wolfhound. Intelligence to match as well I'd bet,' replied Beauty.
    'Just don't lose track of her,' replied Blonde.

    As the 'Babes' walked on past, winging, Fuck Girl looked at Wrathbitch, shoked. 'There idiots,' said Wrathbitch. 'They'll search every square inch of Manhattan and still walk past us every time.'
    Fuck Girl considered that, shrugged after a moment, and continued on with her Nachos.
    And the afternoon turned.

    The End

    Chapter 9

    'There's trouble,' said Scrawl.
    'Where?' asked Bloodsense.
    'Manhattan,' said Scrawl.
    'Let's go,' said Bloodsense.

    It was a sight to see. The Triumvirate of Terror, who you would have imagined the guilty part, were, in fact, seated down, on the grass of the small Manhattan park, watching.
    The Babes were arguing. They had found the Triumvirate of Terror, but then the DC bad girls had shown up. And then the sledging had begun.
    'Your an idiot,' said Blonde. 'Batman remarked you have this distinctive smell. Like the sewers of Arkham.'
    Brazen Harlot wanted to punch her in the face. 'At least I'm not dressed like a Princess. I KNOW how to be alluring to a man. Not a great big Barbie Doll.'
    'She may be a Barbie Doll,' said Beauty. 'But she hasn't slept with half the criminals of Gotham City.
    'I've slept with half the criminals of Gotham city,' said Hot Cunt.
    'You've slept with every criminal,' said Brazen Harlot.
    'Takes one to know one, bitch,' replied Hot Cunt.
    'You are that stupid aren't you,' said Carnal Slut to Bimbo. 'You probably can't even tie your shoe laces properly.'
    'I need help with that,' replied the innocent Bimbo.
    'Leave her alone, bitch,' said Blonde. 'She is currently free of VD. Unlike some I could care to mention.'
    Carnal Slut hissed at Blonde in response.
    'I'll bet you girls subscribe to Vogue, right?' queried Miss Licentioius.
    'Ooh, I have every issue dating back to 2000,' said Bimbo.
    Blonde put her hand to her head and said 'Why me?'
    Pristine Vagina looked at Beauty. 'I suppose men think you are hot, huh? But I am perfect in every way.'
    'Yes,' replied beauty. 'But Metropolis Zoo has enough Baboons, so I guess your currently unemployed, right?'
    And then the fighting began.
    As the Triumvirate of Terror watched on, commenting on this and that insult which could come in useful, Bloodsense and Scrawl sat down next to them.
    'Women,' said Bloodsense. 'Not a good thing to cross them.' Just then Beauty kicked Hot Cunt in the crotch. 'Ooh,' said Scrawl. 'That looked nasty.'
    'Your not getting involved?' Bloodsense asked the Triumvirate of Terror.
    'We're taking notes,' replied Wrathbitch.
    Blonde had grabbed Pristine Vagina's hair, and was scratching at her eyelids. 'We might have to call in Wolverine,' said Scrawl.
    'Not sure if Adamantium Claws will be tough enough,' replied Bloodsense.
    Carnal Slut had Bimbo down, and was twisting her arm behind her back.
    'It's not easy being a superhero,' said Bloodsense, as he stood, ready to break it all apart.
    'The things we do for love,' said Scrawl, as the X-Men got into the unpleasant task of breaking up a catfight which the good folk of Manhattan gossiped about for years.
    And, as the fight went on, well into the afternoon, and Bloodsense later on was receiving bandages from Storm for all his cuts and scrapes, another day passed in the Marvel Universe and the DC bad girls, having returned home with the Babes, life, for a
    while, got back to some semblance of normality. For a while anyway.
    The End

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