• Turin's first sorrow

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    This has bothered me for some time: /what/ was Turin's first sorrow
    After Turin left home for Doriath and was parted from Morwen, the text
    of /CoH/ says, "This was the first of the sorrows of Turin." (/CoH/ p.
    75, or /UT/ p. 73 for the corresponding passage in the /Narn/.) But
    how can that be true? Lalaith had already died at that point!
    Obviously the death in childhood of his beloved little sister was a
    huge sorrow for him.
    One possibility is that this was simply a traditional phrase which was
    copied from earlier versions of the story. In fact, there is something
    like it in the tale of "Turambar and the Foaloke": on p. 72 of /BoLT
    2/ we read, "Very bitter indeed was that sundering, and for long Turin
    wept and would not leave his mother, and this was the first of the
    many sorrows that befell him in life." But in that case, it should
    still have been edited out once the character of Lalaith was
    On the other hand, maybe it means "the first of the sorrows of Turin
    *which was caused by Morgoth's curse*". I don't know, what do people

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