• "We Need A Guy Like Birchum More Than Ever": Cast Of "Mr. Birchum" Disc

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    Megyn Kelly said “we need a guy like Birchum more than ever” as she sat down with her fellow cast members of The Daily Wire’s first animated sitcom series “Mr. Birchum,” the show that will go where mainstream comedy won’t.

    During “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Sirius XM on Wednesday, the host
    spoke with Adam Carolla, the creator of the new series about the no-nonsense junior high woodshop teacher, Mr. Birchum, who’s firmly rooted in his traditional convictions and fearlessly confronts a world he deems baffling
    and mediocre.

    Carolla told Kelly that the idea of the character he voices was based on “all the shop teachers I had in junior high school,” who he said were these
    “tough, scary, big forearm guys who hated kids and were mean as hell.”

    “But [they] liked the idea of getting paid to be indoors around this
    equipment and work in a wood shop,” Carolla added. “So, these are guys who didn’t go to college. Never wanted to work with kids. Didn’t want to mold society or help shape youth.”

    “So, I always had in my head that it was a funny archetype that here were
    these guys going to school everyday to work with kids but they hated them,” Carolla continued.

    Kelly pointed out the insanity of the radical anti-Israel protesters on
    college campuses across the country and said the country needs more Birchums
    in school.

    “I will say, the timing for this is perfect,” the host said. “But we need a
    guy like Birchum more than ever. We could use more like Mr. Birchum in our
    K-12 and college education right now because we are producing a bunch of soft [people].”

    One such person Mr. Birchum must face off with regularly is the extremely
    woke Karponzi, a fanatical social justice warrior, played by comedian Tyler Fischer. Carolla told Kelly that Karponzi basically represents “society at large.”

    “Karponzi is really a compilation of all the idiots who have been trying to force this [woke] stuff down our throat for the last 10 years,” Carolla said. “His character represents everybody who was wrong about COVID-19, [wrong
    about] anything that comes down the pike.”

    Created by Carolla more than a decade ago, “Mr. Birchum” has a star-studded cast that includes Kelly, Fischer, Roseanne Barr, Jay Mohr, Kyle Dunnigan, Daily Wire’s Brett Cooper, Danny Trejo, Sage Steele, and more.

    For decades no network would touch @adamcarolla’s animated sitcom
    “Mr. Birchum” for fear of offending the wrong people.

    Fortunately, we love offending the wrong people, so on 5/12
    @DailyWirePlus is bringing him back.

    Tune in for the premiere, Sunday at 9pm ET. Ep. 1 is free,…

    — Jeremy Boreing (@JeremyDBoreing) May 7, 2024

    Cooper was also on the show where she and Kelly joked about being mom and daughter on “Mr. Birchum,” with Cooper voicing Birchum’s daughter and Kelly
    his wife.

    The Daily Wire host said she grew up as a child actor in Los Angeles for ten years and later went to college at UCLA. During the pandemic, she said her
    life changed and it was then she decided to speak out about “politics,
    values, current events, and culture” by making videos online, becoming a
    voice for the Right for a generation that was inundated with leftist

    “When COVID started happening I was faced with a lot of anger and hatred from friends at college,” Cooper said. “These were close friends I was about to
    live with next year…and all of that sort of blew up in my face. I was like
    ‘Oh, my gosh I disagree with all of you.'”


    Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing, who is the executive producer of the series posted on X Tuesday, writing, “For decades no network would touch @adamcarolla’s animated sitcom ‘Mr. Birchum’ for fear of offending the wrong people. Fortunately, we love offending the wrong people, so on 5/12 @DailyWirePlus is bringing him back.”

    “Mr. Birchum” will premiere exclusively on the DailyWire+ this Sunday, May
    12, at 9/8 Central.

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