• Cartoons did air on Prevue Guide!

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    I asked Chat GPT about Prevue Guide (later named Prevue Channel then Peevue) airing cartoons. Chat GPT confirms there were cartoons and even a cartoon cat named Prevue!

    Yes, cartoons have aired on the Prevue Channel and Prevue Guide. However, it's important to note that the Prevue Channel and Prevue Guide were primarily electronic program guides (EPGs) that provided viewers with information about upcoming television
    programming, rather than channels that actually aired content.

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Prevue Channel (later renamed the TV Guide Channel) did occasionally air short animated interstitials between program listings, featuring characters such as "Prevue the Cat" and "Cinemania the Robot." These
    interstitials were produced by the animation studio Colossal Pictures and were intended to add some entertainment value to the otherwise utilitarian EPG.

    Additionally, the Prevue Guide, which was a version of the EPG that was distributed to cable systems for local insertion, sometimes included promotional spots for cartoons and other programming that were set to air on various networks. These spots could
    include brief clips or snippets of the cartoons in question, but the Prevue Guide itself did not actually broadcast any programming


    This is interesting, there haven’t been any videos confirming Prevue the Cat existing. I imagine that cat would’ve popped up on some station ID’s.

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