• [Semi-OT] Studio Ghibli's "Spirited Away" being adapted into stage play

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    Unfortunately ... or more likely *very* fortunately ... currently only
    for audiences in Japan.

    From TheBrag.com ...

    Studio Ghibli masterpiece 'Spirited Away'
    is being adapted into a stage play
    Beloved Studio Ghibli classic Spirited Away is being
    turned into a stage play that will premiere in 2022. 

    As reported by Indie Wire, the 2001 Oscar-winning
    film by Hayao Miyazaki will be adapted for the stage
    by director John Caird. Caird has vast experience in
    theatre production, having worked on the likes of
    Les Miserables, Hamlet and Macbeth. 

    The Spirited Away stage play is set to make its debut
    in Tokyo in February next year, before it hits other
    Japenese cities including Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo and
    Nagoya. So far, two actors have been cast in the main
    role of Chihiro, Kanna Hashimoto and Mone

    In a statement, Caird said he is "so excited and
    privileged" to be working on the production.

    "I have for many years now regarded Hayao Miyazaki as
    one of the preeminent geniuses of world cinema and
    the greatest ever proponent of the anime form," he

    "I share a belief in all the most dominant themes of
    Miyazaki's work, themes that are at the core of the
    Spirited Away world - care for the environment,
    reverence for nature, a belief in the force of the
    good spirits within us, and the empowerment of young
    women and men to change the world for the better."

    Meanwhile, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki added
    that both he and Miyazaki have faith in Caird's
    ability to lead the adaption.

    "We, Hayao and I, both liked John's vision. He is a
    person we can trust. I am looking forward to seeing
    Chihiro grow on stage under his direction. I could tell
    how much he adores this story from his delighted face
    when I gave him a No-Face (Kaonashi) piggy-bank," he

    While there has not yet been any word as to whether we
    can expect the play to come to Australia, we know we'll
    be crossing our fingers for an announcement.


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