• Longest Animated Movie

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    the shortest (63 minutes!) with land before time comingin as a close >>second (66 mins.)

    what about Bambi? I thought that was rather short; about an hour...?
    I would think the shortest would be Dumbo, as it was only 58 minutes. _That's_
    shorter. I challenge you!

    (_really_ obscure- who can identify it?)
    sounding stupid
    Bumping this topic 27 years later:
    Well, unless you include the open title, it's 64,still short.

    What about Hanna-Barbera alumnus Tony Benedict's independent Tony Benedict Productions 1969 (but released in 1970) "Santa and the three bears", real;sed by WB-7 Arts (yes, the Cool Cat, Speedy era)..it'
    s 46 minutes long!

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