• There was almost a Rugrats/Ren & Stimpy crossover!

    From AWORio@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 15 20:42:27 2021
    That's right! The Ren & Stimpy episode Big Baby Scam was originally going to take place at the Pickles household, with Ren and Stimpy bribing Tommy and Chuckie to take a hike. It was going to be a full half hour show that also showed the babies'
    perspective, and it was actually Angelica that would blow their cover in this version.

    However, Klasky-Csupo objected to the family bath sequence which John K refused to remove. So the story was repurposed as a regular Ren & Stimpy episode with generic babies, while the concept of Tommy and Chuckie being replaced with doppelgangers (
    stuffed toys in this case) was reworked into the Rugrats episode Toy Palace.

    And The Legend of Korra is NU! NU! NU!

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