• Happy (late) 80th, Mikhail Fedorov! (Russian artist & HCAA nominee)

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    His birthday was on Jan. 23rd. He lives in Moscow.

    He's illustrated tales by Andersen and the Grimms, and was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2016.

    (LONG article, with photo and pictures of his work)

    (includes color photo - and check out the message from Sergey Makhotin)

    (artwork - gorgeous!)

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    OVER THE COURSE OF his career as an illustrator, Mikhail Fedorov has been responsible in transporting young readers to different corners of the world and of the imagination. Born in Moscow, in 1941, he showed early promise for art. In 1958, he enrolled
    in the Moscow Academy of Textile to become a stylist of clothes and designer. At the same time, Fedorov also became a pupil of Mikhail Schwarzman, a Russian avant-garde painter. All of these experiences lead him into the fashion industry, painting and
    designing posters for theater and circus in 1964. His journey into book illustration was started in 1974, when he drew illustrations for children, young people and grownups. He has since provided illustrations for different kinds of book – ranging from
    original stories, anthologies of fairy tales and poetry anthologies.

    Working with a variety of texts has led Fedorov to be inventive in his illustrations. He employs different illustration styles and is very attentive to the details in the texts that he works with. His works are so rich in details that one can spend more
    time enjoying them than reading the texts. He carefully works to make the setting an authentic socio-cultural environment for the readers to enjoy. In this way, Fedorov tries to show children the life of different countries and epochs, cultures and
    histories. Instead of stopping at merely including noticeable cultural items in the drawing, Fedorov also adapts his style to the the setting evoked by the text. This kind of diversity is very apparent in his illustrations to fairy tales and legends.
    However, despite his versatility as an artist, there is a striking resemblance in all his works in terms of composition. Similar to pre-Renaissance art style, Fedorov’s illustrations combine rich, inventive and colorful backgrounds, with static, doll-
    like characters.

    In the time of the Perestroika in 1988, different publishing houses all over the world started to publish books illustrated by Fedorov. This brought him international recognition, which means that children in Europe, USA, and Korea are now able to enjoy
    his illustrations.

    From ArtNow:

    Mikhail Fedorov was born and grew up in one of the most picturesque places of the Saratov region.
    Already at an early age he had thrust of the visual arts, painting, which became the reason for choosing the profession of an artist.
    In 1982 he entered the Saratov art school им.Боголюбова, the Department of easel painting, which in 1998году successfully finished.
    Becoming a brilliant master of landscape painting, Mikhail prefers to work in a realistic manner.
    A fisherman and a hunter, Michael really knows in detail the stories of their landscapes, which can not but attract the attention of connoisseurs of landscape painting, is an occasion to rave reviews.

    From the American Library Association:

    The Knot in the Tracks (1994):
    Ages 5-8. "Translated from the Italian, this book tells the story of Petrushka, a railway workman plagued by a demon named Rashka. The wicked and capricious Rashka insists that Petrushka perform all sorts of outlandish deeds before the demon will untie
    the rails that he has knotted up. Petrushka performs ably, allowing Rashka to be undone by his own greed and wickedness. As in a folktale, the text is crisp and direct, virtue is rewarded, and evil is punished, though here a train becomes the engine of
    fate. Moscow artist Fedorov's paintings range from pastoral scenes of delicacy and mysterious beauty to charming domestic interiors to comical character studies of the demon..."

    (Kirkus review of same book)


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