• Happy (late) 80th, Ann Ruffell! (British author of Dragon quartet, 1979

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    Her birthday was on Feb. 2nd.

    Born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, she now lives in North Wales.

    From Ransom Publishing:

    "Ann Ruffell spent most of her childhood on the North East Essex coast, and after 30 years of working in the Midlands returned gratefully to the sea – westward this time, to the added bonus of the cradling hills of North Wales. She has been a writer
    for children since 1977 and among her 70 published novels are the Dragon quartet – Dragon Fire, Earth, Water and Air –favourites in Primary schools, and several teenage romances for Pan’s Heartlines. She has particularly enjoyed writing young adult
    crime and thriller books for reluctant readers, including her first foray into historical fiction with Treachery by Night, a stirring tale of two young lads caught up in the troubled politics of the Glencoe massacre.

    "All through her life she has found it difficult to choose between writing and music. Now she teaches piano in North Wales, plays chamber music with friends and walks in the mountains to find inspiration. She has three children and six grandchildren."

    About Dragon Fire:

    "A dragon with a sore throat cannot produce sufficient fire to cook his breakfast and has to travel far and wide to find a satisfactory cure."

    Dragon Air:

    "Gribble is practising really hard for the Great Dragon Race. First prize is a cave in a lovely warm volcano and Gribble has always wanted to live in a volcano."

    Dragon Earth:

    "Gribble can hardly believe his eyes when he stumbles across a hoard of glittering stones. Could he have found his famous Uncle Carbuncle's long-lost treasure?

    "Cadwaller is very interested. He wants to have a much closer look...

    "Lots of children are suddenly knocking on Gribble's door - they all want to see his treasure too!

    "What with all the excitement and the visitors, Gribble hasn't even got time to look properly at his treasure himself. And there's rather a nasty surprise in store for him when he does..."

    Dragon Water:

    "Gribble wakes up one morning to find a stream running through his cave. Even worse, there's an enormous pond outside - big enough for giants.

    "Cadwallader is no help. His cave is dry. And he hasn't got a spare bed...

    "A workman sees Gribble trying to block up his cave door with a big boulder. He says he could bring a little giant along to help.

    "Gribble doesn't want a giant for a neighbour. And, like all sensible dragons, he hates water. But soon he is trapped in his cave..."

    (partial booklist?)

    (some covers and synopses)

    (a few more covers)

    (reader reviews)


    A Piece of Earth, illustrations by Beryl Sanders, Dobson, 1977.
    The Cuckoo Genius, Dobson, 1978.
    Dragon Fire, illustrations by Nicole Goodwin, Hamish Hamilton, 1979, published with illustrations by Andrew Brown, Corgi Books, 1987.
    Firebird, Dobson, 1979.

    Blood Brother, F. Watts, 1980.
    Dragon Water, illustrations by Goodwin, Hamish Hamilton, 1980.
    The Horse Tree, illustrations by Sally Holmes, Hamish Hamilton, 1980.
    Pyramid Power, F. Watts, 1981.
    Dragon Earth, illustrations by Goodwin, Hamish Hamilton, 1981.
    Dragon Air, illustrations by Goodwin, Hamish Hamilton, 1981.
    (Contributor) Aidan Chambers, Out of Time, Harper, 1984.
    Black Sand Miners, illustrations by Trevor Stubley, Hamish Hamilton, 1985.
    The Bowley Boy, illustrations by Laszlo Acs, Hamish Hamilton, 1985.
    Too Small, illustrations by Jennifer Bailey, Hamish Hamilton, 1985.
    Friends for Keeps, Pan Books, 1985.
    Secret Passion, Pan Books, 1985.
    Baby Face, Pan Books, 1986.
    Sun and Rain, illustrations by Caroline Ewen, Viking, 1986.
    The Computer Cheat, illustrations by Maureen Bradley, Hamish Hamilton, 1987.


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