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    Her office was in Potomac Falls, Virginia.


    Most of it:

    Elizabeth "Bebe" Faas Rice passed away on December 26, 2020. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1932 to Laughlin Faas (a World War I Marine Veteran) and Marie Christie. She grew up in Iowa and California, graduating from the
    College of the Holy Names, Oakland, California, in 1953, with a degree in English Literature and Medieval History. Upon graduation, she was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and was assigned to HQMC, Washington, DC where
    she met her future husband. She married W.H. “Duff” Rice in 1955 and they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this past November.
    The Rices moved many times during General Rice’s career, living in 24 different homes on posts and stations both in the country and overseas. Bebe also traveled a great deal in Europe and the Far East, as well as in Australia, Canada and Israel. Bebe
    was a noted author of children’s books, and had 18 of her children’s books published, plus numerous stories and articles for both adult and children’s publications. A number of her children’s novels were translated and published in German and
    French and recorded as audio titles.
    In addition to her writing and responsibilities as a Marine wife, Bebe was also active in numerous volunteer activities and taught adult classes in writing, giving lectures, presentations and seminars in the field of continuing education...

    (photos and book covers)

    (reader reviews)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HTEBTTmTw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk-0_9BQrYo
    (two video reviews of Class Trip)

    Most of what I posted in 2012:

    About "Class Trip":

    "When Angie is chosen to join the in-crowd on a trip to Shadow Island,
    she can't believe her luck. But things go horribly wrong when a
    murderer with chilling determination begins to stalk them, one by

    From "Contemporary Authors":

    "Young-adult novelist Bebe Faas Rice has seen her share of the world.
    Married to a Marine Corps general for over thirty years, she has lived
    in more than twenty different houses, both in the United States and
    abroad. Rice has translated this rich experience of people and places
    into several popular suspense novels for teen readers, as well as the
    'Doomsday Mall' series for juveniles, which features evil goings-on at
    a shopping mall built on legendary Hangman's Hill...

    "Compared by some reviewers to the works of such writers as
    Christopher Pike and teen favorite R. L. Stine, Rice's novels have at
    times been dubbed formulaic thrillers. However, her The Year the
    Wolves Came, published in 1994, was praised as an eerie, original work
    of fiction..."

    Excerpt from a long 2003 childrenslit.com interview that I can't find anymore:

    Mike: "Did you always dream of becoming a published writer?"

    Bebe: "I was always very confident that some day I would be a published writer."
    "When I was 7 years old I wrote a story called 'The Pearl Necklace.' It
    was about a princess who loses her necklace down a well. My mother,
    bless her heart, made such a to-do over it that I remember thinking, I
    like doing that. So I told her I'd decided I was going to write
    stories when I grew up. She seemed to think that, too, was a wonderful
    idea. And it just went from there.
    "I think writers are born, not made. They have what I call the 'What
    if' gene. We grow up thinking things like, What if a monster is hiding
    in my closet? and What if a panther comes through that door?
    It must be hard to be the parent of a budding writer. My poor father
    tried to raise my sister and me to be fearless, but with my wild
    imagination I was always frightening myself out of my wits and taking
    my sister down with me..."


    Boy Crazy, Keepsake, 1988.
    Spring Break, Keepsake, 1988.
    Class Trip, Harper, 1993.
    Love You to Death, Harper, 1994.
    The Year the Wolves Came, Dutton, 1994.
    Class Trip II, Harper, 1994.
    The Listeners, Harper, 1996.
    The Place at the Edge of the Earth, Clarion (New York, NY), 2002.

    "Also author of Winter Madness, Cora Verlag (Germany), and My Sister,
    My Sorrow (as Elizabeth Benning), Harper."


    The Dollhouse, 1995.
    The Hunt, 1995.
    The Beast, 1995.
    The Witch, 1996.
    The Vampire, 1996.
    The Jungle, 1996.

    "Contributor to periodicals, including Army/Navy Times Family
    Magazine, Christian Herald, Highlights for Children, Humpty Dumpty,
    Washington Post, and Your New Baby.

    "Writer. U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, DC, second lieutenant
    (commissioned); has worked on small newspapers, taught school, and
    worked in an office. Lecturer in adult continuing education programs.

    "Edgar Allan Poe Award nomination, c. 1993, for Class Trip."


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