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    He lived in Greenlawn, New York.

    (book covers)

    From Contemporary Authors:

    "I have been fortunate that my literary efforts always seem to be the result of `one thing leading to another'. Because of this I always write in areas of great personal interest and enthusiasm. For example, the arrival of our photogenic daughter sparked
    my interest in photography. This lead to my first book, and then, two more. The purchase of our suburban home necessitated learning about gardening and after much trial, error, and enjoyment, I wrote Greenhorn's Guide to Gardening and Organic Grow It.

    "Because working in the garden is only feasible during warm months, I became interested in indoor gardening and, with the help of our children wrote my first children's book, Plants for Pots. The success of this lead my publisher to request career books,
    and now the same daughter's interest in medicine resulted in Ms.--M.D., and this in turn was the start of our "Ms." series of books for Westminster.

    "In 1970, I became tired of hearing people (many near famous, well-educated, well-spoken, etc.), say they `wished they too could write.' Determined to do something about it, I left my job on the magazine to teach at Syosset High School. I work with
    students in courses on writing, modern communications, journalism and cinematography--all areas of both proficiency and interest. It is a most marvelous experience for me because the students are honest, willing and interested in working with a `real'
    writer--one they know knows, teaches, and cares.

    "Most recently, my son's interest in personal, or home, computers, affected my career in a major way. Just as my daughter's interest in medicine resulted in several books, his interest caused us to learn about and use computers, and this lead to our new
    nationally syndicated column. Once again, one thing lead to another, and always to a new phase in a career that always seems to hold enjoyment and fascination for a writer who loves to learn and do."


    Most of it:

    AKA DX Fenten, died peacefully on Saturday, February 3, his family at his side. Don attended De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx and received degrees in Journalism and Political Science from NYU. Don was a proud American, served in the US Army with
    pride during the Korean conflict, and was laid to rest with Military Honors. As DX Fenten he wrote 39 non-fiction books for adults and children and edited several magazines. One of his most successful series was for young women seeking careers in
    medicine, law, and sports - more than 30 years before its time; another took a behind the scenes look at the great parades, including the Rose Bowl, and other major sporting events. As The Weekend Gardener, he was Garden Editor of Newsday for 13 years,
    and had a weekly show on WGSM radio. He taught English and journalism at Syosset High School and Dowling College. Don had an amazing and unique relationship with each of his grandchildren. They FaceTimed, emailed, talked, laughed and teased. Rachel
    Emily Michelle was someone he talked to daily about the amusements of life, Evan was his tech guru and model train partner, and Alex his "all things sports" buddy, including sharing his love (and misery) for the New York Giants. Don was a private man but
    a great presence. For many years he served on the Board of Directors at his synagogue. He loved and attended the Metropolitan Opera, and called B19 "his" seat for more than 30 years...

    Better Photography for Amateurs, Chilton, 1960.
    Electric Eye Still Camera Photography, Chilton, 1961.
    Better Photography for Amateurs, Universal Photo Books, 2nd ed., 1963.
    Flower and Garden Photography, Chilton, 1966.
    Greenhorn's Guide to Gardening, Grosset, 1969.
    The Clear and Simple Gardening Guide, Grosset, 1971.
    (With wife, Barbara D. Fenten) The Organic Grow It, Cook It, Preserve It Guidebook, Grosset, 1972.
    (Co-author) Natural Foods, F. Watts, 1974.
    Better Photography for Amateurs, Amphoto, 1975.
    (With B. D. Fenten) The Concise Guide to Natural Foods, F. Watts, 1974.
    The Weekend Gardener, New American Library, 1976.
    Greenhousing for Purple Thumbs, 101 Productions, 1976.

    Youth books:
    Plants for Pots: Projects for Indoor Gardeners, Lippincott, 1969.
    Aviation Careers: Jobs in the Air and on the Ground, Lippincott, 1969. Harvesting the Sea, Lippincott, 1970.
    Sea Careers: Jobs on the Waterways of the World, Lippincott, 1970.
    Ins and Outs of Gardening, Lion Press, 1972.
    The Making of a Police Officer, Westminster, 1972.
    Ms.--M.D., Westminster, 1973.
    Gardening . . . Naturally, F. Watts, 1973.
    Indoor Gardening: A First Book, F. Watts, 1974.
    Ms.--Attorney, Westminster, 1974.
    Strange Differences, Putnam, 1975.
    TV and Radio Careers, F. Watts, 1976.
    (With B. D. Fenten) Careers in the Sports Industry, F. Watts, 1977.
    The Children's Complete How Does Your Garden Grow Guide to Plants and Planting, New American Library, 1977.
    Ms.--Architect, Westminster, 1977.
    (With B. D. Fenten) Tourism and Hospitality: Careers Unlimited, Westminster, 1978.
    (With B. D. Fenten) The Team behind the Great Parades, Westminster, 1981.

    With B. D. Fenten; published by Crestwood, 1980:
    Behind the Newspaper Scene;.
    Behind the Circus Scene;.
    Behind the Sports Scene;.
    Behind the Television Scene;.
    Behind the Radio Scene.

    "Author of syndicated column 'Weekend Gardener,' Newsday, 1974--, and, with B. D. Fenten, of syndicated column on personal computers, 1981--."


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