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    ...After the war he studied at Yamaguchi Teacher Training College, earning his degree in 1948. He taught math at a Tokyo elementary school for 10 years and during that time developed creative ways to present material to his students using different
    perspectives. Anno continued working on his art in his spare time until he fully launched his career as a painter in 1961.

    Anno’s passions for mathematics, science, and depicting varying perspectives would all serve as inspiration for his picture books, beginning with Topsy-Turvies: Pictures to Stretch the Imagination (Weatherhill, 1970) Upside Downers: More Pictures to
    Stretch the Imagination (Weatherhill, 1971) (like all of Anno’s work, these books were originally published in Japan before being released in translation in the U.S.). Anno’s Alphabet: An Adventure in Imagination (Crowell, 1975) became a phenomenon
    in Great Britain, and was so popular that it was being considered for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1974, until the judges learned that the book was originally published in Japan by a Japanese author and was not eligible for the award. Critics praised Anno
    s Mysterious Multiplying Jar (Philomel, 1983) for its “clever” and “deceptively simple” portrayal of the concept of factorials. Anno’s Magic Seeds (Philomel, 1994) presented a history of agriculture and conservation intertwined with math

    (birthday post from 2016, with many links, including a booklist)


    http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&lr=&q=mitsumasa%20anno%20&sa=N&tab=wi (artwork - many of his books are wordless and very detailed)

    "With a firm grounding in both mathematics and literature, Anno has
    published numerous books teeming with originality. Some of his most
    famous picture books are "Anno's Magical ABC", "Anno's Twice Told Tales
    by the Brothers Grimm and Mr. Fox".
    "Mitsumasa Anno was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, the
    highest honor attainable in the field of children's book illustration, in 1984."


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