• R.I.P. Siv Widerberg, 89 (Swedish poet: I'm Like Me: Poems for People W

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    She was also a playwright and journalist.

    https://pledgetimes.com/literature-swedish-childrens-author-siv-widerberg-has-died-at-the-age-of-89/ (rough translation of a short obit)

    (another - this says she wrote 60 books; the other one says 80)

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siv_Widerberg What I posted in 2011:

    ...Some of those titles available in English are:

    Mamma pappa barn, Zindermans, 1967, translation by Irene D. Morris. published as The Kid's Own XYZ of Love and Sex, Stein & Day, 1972. (I hate to say it, but this book isn't very good - especially the fictional dialogue).

    Min baesta vaen, Raben & Sjoegren 1969, translated and published as My Best Friend Putnam, 1970.

    I'm Like Me, Translated from the Swedish by Verne Moberg, Feminist Press, 1973.

    (With Cecilia Torudd) Den stora systern, Raben & Sjogren (Stockholm, Sweden), 1984, translated by Birgitta Sjoquist and published as The Big Sister, R & S Books (New York, NY),1989.

    Plotsligt en dag, Raben & Sjogren (Stockholm, Sweden), 1985, translated by Tiina Nunnally and published as Suddenly One Day, R & S Books (New York, NY), 1993.

    (in Swedish; includes bibliography)

    (short filmography)

    (photos and covers)

    (about her work)


    She admits that she doesn't always find it easy to write, but she says
    that it's worth it. "My mother said that I didn't have enough
    imagination to become an author, but since my books often are only 1/3 imagination and 2/3 reality, it has worked out fine anyway. I am very interested in reality; the reality that children live in today. That's
    why I write about children in school, at day nursery, at home or
    outside the home. I write about children's thoughts, I remember being
    a child myself, and about what children like to do and what they don't
    like to do at all. But children are not all alike. Not all children
    like biscuits for example. So it's important to describe different
    children with different thoughts and lives. Just like life. That's why
    it's good when children find my books funny, exciting or interesting.
    And when some of them think: 'That's how it was for me yesterday,
    that's how it is once in a while.' "

    From "Something About the Author":

    "As a journalist...I worked also as a reviewer of books for children
    and young people. Most of the books bored me, for they didn't take
    children seriously. They stuck to fantasy as a protection against the
    real world; they didn't deal with children's ordinary everyday

    "Sex, problems, tears, joy politics - all these things are included in
    a children's world. Consequently, I wanted to reflect and talk about
    sex, problems, tears, joy, and politics."


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