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    HOLLANDER--Phyllis Isabelle.

    On July 13, 2023 at the age of 94, this lifelong New Yorker left behind a legacy of love, activism, and dedication to her community. Born and raised on the Upper West Side, attended Hunter High School, Allegheny College and the University of Michigan.
    Summers at Camp Red Wing on Schroon Lake were cherished. Briefly resided in Baldwin, NY, but her true love and passion was New York City. She embraced all New York City had to offer and lived independently until 94. Always active in the arts, culture,
    politics, women, disabilities, and civil and human rights. Her life extended beyond her activism as a celebrated volunteer in the Glass Garden Horticulture Program at NYU-Rusk working within the hospital especially with children who had cancer. Also
    loved gardening on the High Line and Central Park Conservancy well into her 80's and at her treasured home in Millerton, NY. She worked as a social worker and collaborated with her husband and on her own editing and writing sports books. Known for her
    unwavering dedication to others and as a caregiver and loyal friend to many. Preceded in death by husband, Zander, and son, Peter. Survived by daughter, Susan (son-in-law, Neil Whitman), sister, Davee Israel, as well as cherished granddaughters, Tobye (
    Isada) and Emma (Andrew), great- grandchildren, Patrick and Zuri who brought her great joy and her special caregiver Andrea Cordova. Donations to a charity of your choice in her memory are welcome. Her legacy of compassion and dedication to making the
    world a better place will continue to inspire all those who knew and loved her.


    What I posted in 2018:

    She lives in Millerton, New York.

    For forty years or more, she was the vice-president and senior editor of Associated Features, Inc. (founded by her late husband, Zander Hollander).

    (book covers)

    (review of "American Women in Sports")

    (reader reviews)

    (brief mention of Phyllis and Zander)

    (about her husband, who died in 2014)


    * American Women in Sports, Grosset, 1972.

    * (Editor with L. R. Herkimer) The Complete Book of Cheerleading,
    Doubleday, 1975.

    * One Hundred Greatest Women in Sports, Grosset, 1976.

    * (With husband, Zander Hollander) Sports Bloopers: Weird, Wacky
    and Unexpected Moments in Sports, Scholastic Inc., 1985.

    *Amazing But True Sports Stories, (with Zander Hollander), 1986

    *More Amazing but True Sports Stories (with Zander Hollander),

    * (Co-Author with husband Zander Hollander) More Sports Bloopers:
    More Weird, Wacky, and Unexpected Moments in Sports, Scholastic,


    * They Dared to Lead: America's Black Athletes, Grosset, 1972.

    * It's the Final Score That Counts, Grosset, 1973.

    * Touchdown!: Football's Most Dramatic Scoring Feats, Random
    House, 1982.

    * Winners under Twenty-One: America's Spectacular Young Sports
    Champions, Random House, 1982.

    * The Masked Marvels: Baseball's Great Catchers, Random House,

    * Dan Fouts, Ken Anderson, Joe Theismann, and Other All-Time Great Quarterbacks, Random House, 1983.

    * Sarajevo, 1984: The Complete Handbook of the Olympic Winter
    Games, New American Library, 1983.

    * Los Angeles 1984: The Complete Handbook of the Olympic Games,
    New American Library, 1984.

    (And reportedly, she worked on the 1990s book "The Women's Sports Encyclopedia.")

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