• R.I.P. Lilo Fromm, 94, in June (German illustrator & 3-time HCAA finali

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    She died in Hamburg.

    (And she was the last living finalist from the 1960s.)

    (with an illustration)

    From the Lilo Fromm Estate:

    "The illustrator, graphic artist and painter Lilo Fromm (1928-2023) became known primarily for her children's books illustrated in intense colors. In 1967 she received the German Youth Literature Prize for her picture book based on the Grimm fairy tale "
    The Golden Bird". In 1988 a large exhibition of her works was presented in the rooms of the International Youth Library. In 2015 Lilo Fromm gave the International Youth Library her artistic legacy, which was made accessible in Calliope with funds from
    the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the International Youth Library.

    "Among the special treasures from Fromm's estate are the original illustrations for many of her picture books, such as "The Golden Castle", "Thienemann's New Treasure Box", "The Glass Mountain", "Karline's Duck", "The Letter King", "The Iron John", "
    Mouffles and Plums", "Snow White and Rose Red", "The Children's House", "The Nightingale in Lilac Sneezes", "The Blue Light", "The Parrot, the Mamagei and other Funny Animals", "Pennants and Pimpels" and many others."

    "The estate is indexed in the Kalliope web portal."

    (this has 38 of her illustrations, on one page)

    (long speech from Andreas Meckel in August - from Fromm's memorial service, I take it)


    "Lilo Fromm, known in Freiburg as a painter as well as illustrator and
    author of more than 250 fairy tale and children's books, died in Hamburg
    on 19 June at the age of 94. Some of her books, for which she was also
    famous abroad, have been translated into a total of 22 languages.
    Even as a child, she drew and painted her way into her later profession
    and knew early on what she wanted to become. But before that, she
    learned her trade in a specialist class for graphic artists in Berlin before turning to painting as her true vocation.

    She became familiar to a whole generation of schoolchildren through her illustrations of school books. Today, her books can be found in countless children's bedrooms and libraries. Lilo Fromm brought the world of fairy
    tales to children with great success, and she did so with fantastical illustrations that she drew from a rich imagination. This enabled her to immerse herself, together with children, in the world of fairy tales.

    She also left behind a magnificent and extremely rich life's work as a freelance painter. Her studies at the art academies in Hamburg, Munich
    and Freiburg, which she took up after a less than satisfying career as a graphic artist, played a large part in this.

    She was connected with Freiburg and the Markgräfler Land in many
    ways, living and working here for several years in an idyllic village
    setting. Then making many friends, such as Jürgen Brodwolf, Horst
    Antes and Karlheinz Scherer, as well as my brother Christoph Meckel,
    who became her partner in life.

    With Christoph she discovered Provence and lived in its landscape,
    whose light and diversity she captured in her paintings for many years. At
    the end of the 70s, she separated from Christoph Meckel, who processed
    his cheating / breach of faith - albeit in reverse - in his story "Licht".
    Lilo lived for almost four decades in the midst of a magnificent
    Provencal landscape in the shadow of Mont Ventoux in her "Blue
    House", "la Maison Bleue", which became a magical attraction for her
    many friends.

    Here, in her various creative periods, she created pictures of exploding colourfulness, but also curious playfulness and restrained melancholy.
    The versatility of her work also extended to designs for calendar pages, stationery and stamps, ceramics and much more.
    Lilo Fromm received numerous prizes, honours and awards. Among them
    was the German Youth Book Prize in 1967 for her illustration of the
    Grimm fairy tale "The Golden Bird".

    In Freiburg, she was once again brought to the public's attention by a
    large retrospective of her works from all creative periods, which was
    shown in February and March 2019 in the PEAC Museum, the former
    "Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle". I was able to open this exhibition "Vom
    goldenen Vogel und anderen Traumvisionen" together with Paul Ege.
    Lilo Fromm herself was not able to be present.

    Andreas Meckel, Freiburg im Bresgau
    (Translation DeepL)

    What I posted in 2018:

    She spent her childhood in Berlin. From 1984 to 2016, she lived in Suzette, Provence, France. She now lives in Germany.

    She was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration in 1968, 1974, and 1982.

    Some books available in English are:

    The Golden Bird, by Grimm (1966)

    Pumpernick And Pimpernell (she's the author), 1967
    ("Pumpernick and Pimpernell lead a peaceful life until a crew of mischief makers invade their garden.")

    Six companions find their fortune by Jacob Grimm, 1969
    ("A man makes his fortune with the help of five men of unusual talents.")

    Uncle Harry by Gerlinde Schneider, 1972
    ("Uncle Harry takes in a stray kitten for the night but then cannot find anyone who will take it off his hands.")

    Muffel and Plums (by Fromm), 1972
    ("Nine stories told in pictures in which two friends share adventures.")

    The blue lamp : a tale by Jacob Grimm, 1975
    ("A soldier is dismissed from the army without reason but his fortunes change when he finds a blue lamp at the bottom of a well.")

    (you can read her site in German, English or French - it includes a
    short biography)

    http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&q=lilo+fromm+&btnG=Search+Images (covers & photos)

    (more artwork, from "The Golden Bird")

    (two Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews - mostly in German)

    (in German)

    There was a half-hour film short about her(?) in 1989, but I can't
    find any details. (Her name was the title.)

    (short slideshow: "A sequence of images of Lilo at home in Provence and the landscape around her home.")

    All self-illustrated:

    * (With Tilde Michels) Karlines Ente, G. Lentz (Munich), 1960,
    translation published as Karline's Duck, Oxford University Press,

    * No Zoo Without Mumba, translated from German by Anne Marie
    Jauss, Norton, 1962.

    * Gusti Sucht die Eisenbahn, Georg Lentz Verlag, 1962.

    * Pumpernick und Pimpernell, H. Ellerman (Munich), 1967,
    translation by Sophie Wilkins published as Pumpernick and Pimpernell, Doubleday, 1970.

    "Also author of Geburtstag (title means 'The Birthday'), 1969, and
    Wenn Du Einen Drachen hast, 1973. Illustrator of more than forty
    books, including: Christa Duchow, Oberpotz und Hoppelhans, Obpacher
    Buch and Kunstverlag, 1962; Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm, Der Goldene
    Vogel, H. Ellerman, 1966, translation published as The Golden Bird,
    Doubleday, 1970; Grimm, Sechse Kommen Durch die Ganze Welt,
    translation by Katya Sheppard published as Six Companions Find Their
    Fortune, Macdonald & Co., 1970, Doubleday, 1971; Gerlinde Schneider,
    Mein Onkel Harry, H. Ellermann, 1971, translation by Elizabeth Shub
    published as Uncle Harry, MacMillan, 1972. Also creator of story book
    of pictures only, Muffel und Plums, H. Ellermann, 1972, American
    edition published as Muffel and Plums, Macmillan, 1972."

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