• R.I.P. Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, 83, in July (Iranian poet & HCAA finalist)

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    Ahmadreza Ahmadi, an acclaimed Iranian poet, screenwriter and painter has died at the age of 83, local media reported on July 11.

    Ahmadi passed away after months of fighting illness, leaving behind an indelible legacy in the world of literature and the arts.

    He is seen as the founder of New Wave Poetry in Iran and a pioneer of surrealism in children's literature.

    Among his most famous works, the book “Journey at Night” pertains to social issues, peace, coexistence and tolerance.

    Ahmadi received numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Bijan Jalali Literary Award in 2005.

    His writings have been translated into many languages, including Arabic, Armenian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

    Furthermore, Ahmadi showcased his artistic versatility through countless solo and group painting exhibitions.


    Iranians bid farewell to renowned poet Ahmad Reza Ahmadi
    By IFP Editorial Staff July 13, 2023
    (with photos)

    Large groups of people join a funeral procession for renowned Iranian poet, writer and painter Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, who passed away at the age of 82.

    The mourning ceremony was held in Tehran on Thursday morning with the presence of hundreds of Ahmadi’s fans as well as literature and arts lovers.

    Ahmadi died earlier this week after months of health complications.

    Ahmadi is known to be the founder of the new wave of poetry and the pioneer of surrealism in children’s literature in Iran.

    Literature, poetry, writing and cinema were the main fields of his professional activities.

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    (one Kirkus review)

    (reader reviews)

    What I posted in 2020:

    His name is sometimes spelled Ahmadireza Ahmadi. He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2010.

    (includes photo and links to poems in English)


    "...Ahmadreza Ahmadi was born in 1940 in Kerman, Iran. He moved to Tehran in 1948. In Tehran he attended the Adab school and in 1954 entrered Dar ol-Fonoun. Two inidviduals who according to him have been instrumental to his love for literature are his
    maternal nephew, the writer Abdolrahim Ahmadi, and his teacher at Dar ul-Fonoun, Mr Mohammad Shirvāni.
    "Ahmadreza Ahmadi's first book of poetry, Tarh (Sketch), was published in 1962. His poetry has its roots in French Surrealism and the American Imagists specially in poets like Saint John Perse, Paul Eluard, Louis Aragon and Ezra Pound."

    (short filmography)



    "Ahamd Reza Ahmadi is considered to be the founder of New Wave Poetry by the Iranian Artists' Center and is recognized as a pioneer of surrealism in children's literature in Iran...

    "Journey at Night is one of Ahmadi's most powerful works and is a story that touchesupon social themes, referring to peace, coexistence, tolerance, and collaboration. The fireflies are messengers of peace who bring light, knowledge, beauty, and joy.
    There is antagonism between darkness and light, with light ultimately overcoming darkness. By selecting elements from nature and human life, and mixing these together, the author has succeeded in creating an atmosphere full of sensory images...

    "Ahmad Reza Ahmadi has received many awards and recognitions for his works, including the National Cultural and Artistic Award (Bizhan Jalali) for Collected Poems in 2006. Parvaz dar shab (Flight at Night) was nominated by the Children's Book Council as
    the best story on peace at IBBY India in 2009. In addition, Ahmadi was recently awarded The Flying Pen, a prestigious national recognition for his contribution to children's literature (2009). His writing is thought to be unique in the way he creatively
    combines poetic and prose structures. His poems have been translated into many different languages including Arabic, Armenian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean."

    He was also nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.



    "Ahmadi's first book of poetry, Tarh (Sketch), was published in 1962. His poetry has its roots in French Surrealism and the American Imagists specially in poets like Saint John Perse, Paul Eluard, Louis Aragon and Ezra Pound."

    He has at least two juvenile books available in English:

    "Alive Again"

    "When things that a boy loves disappear from his life, he wonders whether they are gone forever. Will blossom and rain ever come back Yes they will, but in their own time. This reassuring story moves from feelings of loss to a new confidence that comes
    with knowledge that these and more do, and will, return."

    "When I Colored in the World"

    "With a box of colored crayons and an eraser to rub things out, one child sets out to transform the world. By rubbing out ‘hunger’ and coloring in ‘wheat’, the world can be fed. By rubbing out ‘crying’ and coloring ‘laughter’, the world
    gets to sing, dance and be joyful. Told with poetic simplicity, this book shows how creative imagination – through the use of color and imagery – can change the world from bad to good. An unusual and deceptively simple picture book that imagines a
    world without discrimination, poverty or inequality."

    (from 2012, about a biography of Ahmadi)

    (about modernism and New Wave poetry)

    (you can see details of both books here; you have to scroll way down for second book)

    (read-aloud - in Farsi?)

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