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    From Lenona@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 22 11:53:57 2023
    Since I like this one, I figured, why not make it more available to those who have never read it?

    It's from Honey for Tea, aka Nursery Versery.

    Summer Moonlight

    The room looks strange when moonlight falls,
    Across the windows and the walls
    The mirror frames a thousand stars,
    The floor is ribbed with silver bars.

    Around the panes the roses trail,
    Their phantom blossoms, cool and pale.
    The tree whose branches touch the sill,
    Stands breathless, watching, very still.

    I lie in silence, wide awake,
    Afraid to stir lest I should break
    The spell that is upon the night,
    The peace of shadow and of light.

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