• Happy (late) 100th, Leone Castell Anderson! ("Sean's War," 1998)

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    Her birthday was on the 12th.

    She lives in Stockton, Illinois. (Or Elgin.)


    (includes photo and booklist, with covers)

    http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&q=%22Leone+Castell%22+Anderson (covers, photos)

    "...I wanted to pass on to the children who follow after me the transport of books, like a heritage, like Emily Dickinson's `bequest of wings.' With my writing, whether it is humorous or serious, fiction or nonfiction, and with my talks and workshops for
    children in their schools, I hope I am sharing this legacy."

    "In SEAN'S WAR, young Sean Callahan struggles to understand the conflict between his gentle immigrant stepmother and his gruff frontier father as northwestern Illinois erupts into war in 1832
    between the white settlers and the Sauk-Fox Indians led by their warrior chief Black Hawk...

    " 'What happened to Sean?' A question always asked after readers finish his story in SEAN'S WAR. The sequel, SEAN'S QUEST, shows the Black Hawk War has ended but conflict in Sean's family intensifies. Sean and his friends, Thunder Cloud, a Potawatomi
    Indian, and Becky, a settler girl, embark on a quest into the Minnesota region where Sean's mother is threatened by renegade Sioux Indians."

    (reader reviews)

    (comments on other books)

    (read-aloud of "Moving Day," aka "The Good-By Day," 5:38 minutes)


    It's O.K. to Cry, Child's World, 1979.

    The Wonderful Shrinking Shirt, Albert Whitman, 1983.
    ("A flannel shirt is handed down from Paw to Maw to Sister Janie and finally to Baby Wilbur who uses it for a security blanket.")

    Learning About Towers and Dungeons, Childrens Press, 1983.
    The Good-By Day, Golden Press, 1984, reprinted as Moving Day, 1987.
    My Friend Next Door, Dandelion House, 1984.
    (Contributor) Christmas Handbook, Child's World, 1984.

    Surprise at Muddy Creek, Dandelion House, 1984.
    ("Little Carrie misses her Boston home when her family moves West, but the displeasure she feels on discovering her neighbors are Indians changes as she comes to know Running Fawn, a girl her own age.")

    How Come You're So Shy? Golden Press, 1987.

    My Own Grandpa, Golden Press, 1987.
    ("Andrew wishes he had his own grandpa to play with but then his mother takes him to a retirement home where she works. 'Grandparents are made out of need, not born,' is the moral of this charming

    Sean's War, ShadowPlay, 1997.

    Sean's Quest, 2003.

    "Glendenna's Dilemma" (readers' theater), first performed in Chicago, Illinois, at Performance Community, December 1, 1979.

    "Come-Uppance" (readers' theater), first performed in Stockton, Illinois, at Stockton Unitarian-Universalist Church, February 23, 1986.

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