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    I can't find an obit, but I THINK it's pretty rare for Radaris to declare someone dead prematurely. She lived in Greensboro, North Carolina and in NYC, and would have turned 100 on July 23rd.


    At any rate, her children's names - Iva and Lazarus - are a match.

    Her maiden name was Rosamond Arleen Van Poznak.

    "Singer and actress, appearing in operettas and on network television, under name Rosamond Vance, 1941-53."


    (this mentions her radio work with Lorenzo Fuller, near the end)

    Another book she helped adapt was "UNICEF Book of Children's Prayers." There were four books (the other two had songs and poems); all of them were compiled by her late ex-husband, cookbook author and photographer William I. Kaufman. (She edited and
    researched six cookbooks, most of them his.)

    Cover of "UNICEF Book of Children's Prayers": http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61VUqmeE2QL._SY300_.jpg

    Cover of "UNICEF Book of Children's Legends": http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51O3inNOfDL._SY300_.jpg

    Contents of the latter:

    Five White Eagles - The Origin of the Sierra Nevadas de Merida (Venezuela)

    Czar Trojan's Ears (Yugoslavia - this is clearly based on the second myth of King Midas)

    Don't Be in as Great a Hurry as Your Father (Algeria)

    Hatemtai (Pakistan - about charity and honesty)

    The Krishna Legend (India)

    The Magic Teakettle (Japan)

    The Clam, the Stork and the Fisherman (Korea - very amusing)

    Legend of China Poblana (Mexico - about an early 17th-century princess from India who was sold as a slave in Mexico, created the Mexican national costume, and was buried in Puebla, Mexico, under the name of Catarina de San Juan)

    Christmas Flowers (El Salvador - about war and symbolism)

    How Wisdom Was Scattered over the Earth to All Men (Nigeria - this also appears in Joyce Cooper Arkhurst's "The Adventures of Spider" and is very memorable)

    The Chicken Stars (Thailand - origin of the Pleiades)

    The Valley of Rest (Guatemala)

    Aunty Betel Nut (Afghanistan - I recommend not reading this one aloud - especially not to a group of kids without permission)

    The Love of the Skunk (Bolivia, moon-myth)

    Legend of a Child (Rwanda - I like this one)

    The Giant Caterpillar (Republic of the Ivory Coast)

    The Cleverest Son (Ethiopia)

    The Giant Child (Peru - about St. Christopher)

    How Women Grew Long Hair (Sierra Leone)

    Challenge of the Sun and the Wind (Kenya - essentially a copy of Aesop's fable)

    The Temperamental Woman (Mali - another tale of dubious merit, considering the child is 3 and not 2)

    Son of the Turtle Spirit (Hong Kong - long and good)

    A Sledge Ride (Denmark - clearly linked to "The Golden Goose")

    Gahan Goes to Church (Malta - about a young fool)

    The Foolish Hyena (Senegal)

    The Walls of Jericho (Israel - not the Biblical story, per se - it's modern and humorous)

    Quinde, Bird of the Fire (Ecuador)

    Nasreddin Hodja (Turkey - the tale of the saucepans)

    The First Filipino (Philippines - you may have read this in Helen Doss' "The Family Nobody Wanted")

    On page 4:

    "Because the language of a child's heart is universal, the photographs and legends have been arranged to complement each other according to the meaning of each and not according to the country from which each comes."

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