• Happy (late) 100th, William Wise! ("Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Sm

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    His birthday was yesterday. He lives in NYC.

    (Not to be confused with the 83-year-old actor.)

    He's written about 50 books for children and four for adults.

    About "Christopher Mouse":

    "Though his life begins 'in a commonplace way,' Christopher Mouse is not the least bit common. Born in an ordinary wire cage, he endures various young owners who range from bad to worse before narrowly escaping death by taxidermy. His adventures continue
    in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as he encounters a large cat in the Egyptian room. Throughout his journeys, Christopher proves an adventurer of the most intrepid sort-and a budding poet as well."

    (book covers)

    (six Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews)

    (long booklist, short biography)


    "A prolific author of both fiction and nonfiction, William Wise has been writing books for children for nearly half a century. His work includes straight nonfiction books and whimsical titles on mythical monsters, as well as rhyming picture books for the
    very young. Among his many children's titles are the rambunctious Ten Sly Piranhas: A Counting Story in Reverse (a Tale of Wickedness—and Worse!), the historical novel Nell of Brandford Hall (1999), and the humorous picture book Dinosaurs Forever."

    Other titles include:

    "Detective Pinkerton and Mr. Lincoln" -1964

    "When the Saboteurs Came: The Nazi Sabotage Plot against America in World War II" - 1967

    "Monsters of the Ancient Seas" -1968

    "Booker T. Washington" - 1968

    "The Amazing Animals of Latin America" -1969

    "Fresh, Canned, and Frozen: Food from Past to Future" -1971

    "Monsters of North America" -1978

    He's also written fiction:

    "The novel Nell of Branford Hall (1999) is based on a true story that took place in seventeenth-century England in a town called Eyam. Faced with an outbreak of the bubonic plague in their town, the citizens of Wise's fictional Branford decide to
    quarantine their entire village, allowing no one in or out and placing any citizens with symptoms of the black death under strict quarantine. Nell, part of a well-to-do family, lives beyond the village limits in a manor hall, and when Branford is
    barricaded, she faces isolation and anxiety as she worries about her friends inside the village proper and wonders whether the horrors of the plague will visit her unprotected home. Characters such as Isaac Newton and diarist Samuel Pepys also feature in
    the novel, and Nell's father, a scholar, educates his daughter in the medical science behind the dread disease."

    (read-alouds of "Dinosaurs Forever" and "Ten Sly Piranhas")

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