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    ...Upon graduation from high school, Dad enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving in Japan. Following his service, he attended the University of Iowa where he received a B.A. in General Science and a M.A. in School Administration. Dad taught in the Iowa public
    schools for nine years. He further advanced his education by receiving a Ph.D. in science education from Ohio State University.

    Dad joined the School of Education at North Carolina State University in 1963, and our family moved to Raleigh. His career as a professor allowed him to incorporate his passions for teaching, science, research, writing, and advising students. His love of
    teaching impacted the lives of many. He taught and mentored students in over 16 science education courses and authored/co-authored 32 books including a series of science textbooks for junior high school students. He was named Alumni Distinguished
    Professor and Professor Emeritus, inducted into the College of Education Hall of Fame at Ohio State University, and honored with the North Carolina Science Teachers Association Vi Hunsucker Award. Former students Steve and Jenny Oliver honored him with
    the establishment of a fellowship in education at NCSU, and he also received the NC State University Libraries Faculty Award. He retired from teaching in 1994 after 31 years.

    Upon his retirement, Dad's interest in Ferris wheels provided him a new avenue for his writing and research passions. He authored two books on Ferris wheels and became a recognized global expert on the subject. He created and published 211 issues of The
    Ferris Wheel Newsletter to encourage research and interest in the history of the Ferris wheel, which attracted a worldwide audience. The newsletters also contained stories of his childhood and updates on our family. He amassed a collection of over 300
    Ferris wheel models with contributions from friends and family. His extensive collection of publications, photographs, and research materials from 1890-2018 is available at the Special Collections Research Center at the NCSU library.

    Dad was a master craftsman with passions for woodworking including carving, scroll sawing and model building. He built a house, a boat, and a home addition including custom cabinets. He built scaled models of buildings on the farm where he grew up
    including the one-room country school where his mother taught. Over the last 30 years, he created a different wooden bird ornament each year. Crafting 600 hand-cut and painted birds a year, it offered him great joy to present them to family, friends, and
    anyone else he might encounter...



    In the teacher’s edition of a textbook he co-authored in 1972, Physical Science: A Search for Understanding, Anderson and his co-authors shared why they taught science:

    “Our society is first a democratic one, placing emphasis on the optimum development of each individual as a contributing citizen. In addition, it is a scientific and technological society, in which new career opportunities are constantly being
    generated. Also, ours is a rapidly changing society, not only scientifically and technologically, but in all areas of human endeavor. The result is a need for future citizens who are able to solve a multitude of problems using rational scientific

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    (reader reviews)


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