• R.I.P. Rocco Negri, 93, in April 2020 (Italian-born illustrator of Hera

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    I'm taking a risk, since various sources claim he was born in 1926, 1930, and 1932. (Most say 1932.)

    However, this tiny notice from New Jersey at least has his birthday listed as June 26th, which seems to be correct.


    (What's odd is that when I googled for videos, the same link showed up with the promise of an 8:10 video, but when you click on that, you only see the death notice.)

    He lived in Effort, Pennsylvania - and maybe Glendale, New York as well.

    He often did woodcuts and illustrated about two dozen books.

    "Born June 26, 1932 in Italy, Negri attended the Aurel Kessler Academy
    in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1953-1954 and the Art Students League
    in New York from 1959-1960."

    From the "Something About the Author" encyclopedias:

    "The first three years of my life I lived in Reggio Calabria (Italy), my birthplace. Then my family immigrated to Buenos Aires (Argentina) which I considered to be more my country than my own, for there I grew and developed my personality with the
    Argentinian idiosyncrasy with a certain touch of the Italian village morality."

    (book covers)

    http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=rocco+negri&pics=on&sortby=7 (covers of titles, in alphabetical order - not all are relevant)

    (reader reviews)

    Bibliography (this may not be a complete list):

    David Livingstone by Kreigh Collins, 1961
    Renfroe's Christmas, aka The Christmas Present by Robert Burch, 1968
    Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum; Friendly And Funny Giants. by Adrien Stoutenburg,
    The Journey Outside / [By] Mary Q. Steele. 1969
    Trouble River / Betsy Byars 1969

    The False Treaty: The Removal of the Cherokees from Georgia by Anne
    Terry White, 1970
    The Giant Under the Snow : A Story Of Suspense by John Gordon
    The Dancing Monkey by Nancy Garfield, 1970
    Androcles And The Lion; Retold From Apion. 1970
    Bantu Tales. / Edited By Louise Crane. 1970
    The One Bad Thing About Father (about Teddy Roosevelt, winner of The
    New York Times Outstanding Book Award) by F. N. Monjo ; 1970
    Tales From Count Lucanor, / by Don Juan Manuel. Adapted From The
    Spanish By Toby Talbot. . 1970
    Heracles The Strong by Ian Serraillier 1970
    Where I Begin by Sarah Abbott
    The Peppersalt Land by Marilyn Harris
    Casa Means Home by Nardi Reeder Campion, 1970
    On The Banks Of The Hudson; A View Of Its History And Folklore. 1971
    The Legs of the Moon by Francine Jacobs 1971
    Toto, / by Marietta D. Moskin. 1971
    Men of Masaba by Humphrey Harman, 1971
    The Magic Pumpkin. / 1971
    Charlie Dick, / by Laura Fisher. 1972
    Maildun The Voyager. / 1972
    The Indians And The Strangers. 1972
    Coplas: Folk Poems In Spanish And English. 1972
    The Great Fire. (about Great Fire of London) 1973
    The Son Of The Leopard. 1974
    Pampalche Of The Silver Teeth / translated And Edited By Mirra
    Ginsburg ; c1976

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