• R.I.P. Adriana Mazza Saviozzi , in 2009 (Italian illustrator, "Four Lit

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    Mistake, sad to say! She died in 2009.

    (8-minute read-aloud of Four Little Kittens)

    Too bad Luff couldn't be female, it seems...btw, if you don't know what "luff" means, it's fun to look up.)

    More on Saviozzi:

    Translation from the Italian - her entry starts on page 345, where you can see one of two of her illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (For some reason, I couldn't copy and paste the Italian text anywhere, except into my email account - so
    it's just luck that my email account also has a translation function!)

    Also, most sources say she was born in 1928, not 1918, and I find it odd that, in the 1950s, she would have married at age 35! But otherwise, the April birthdate IS a match...

    This is a book, it seems, about the many illustrators of Lewis Carroll's work.


    From page 345:

    Born in Pistoia on April 8, 1918, Adriana Saviozzi was the first of three children of Pietro and Alma Melani, the latter's cousin of the artist Marino Marini. According to the artistic vein of the family, Adriana attended florentine schools and start-up

    At the Academy Adriana learned to modulate colors, under the guidance of masters Godfrey and Sanzio Trovarelli, Emanuele Cavalli, Primo Conti and Ottone Rosai. Contacts came in the years of his cultural growth with Pietro Annigoni.

    As a classmate, Adriana had a young San Marino man, Alfio Mazza, and fell in love with him. The wedding to Alfio Mazza, a pictorial restorer, arrived in 1953. Already at that time Adriana had become an illustrator of children's books for several
    publishing houses: R. Franceschini & Figlio; Nerbini Publishers; Felice Le Monnier Publishing House and 'La Scuola' of Brescia.

    In 1955 Adriana joined her husband in New York who in the 'big Apple' had decided to deepen the techniques of pictorial restoration. And here came the prestigious collaborations with many American publishing houses; Folket I Bilds Förlag - Stockholm -
    Simon and Schuster, Inc. and Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. - Western Printing and Lithograhing Company New York, to name a few.

    1972 was the year of the meeting between Adriana and the publisher Bruno Nardini who had founded the Centro Internazionale del Libro S.P.A., which in turn was part of the Giunti publishing group. The collection 'Fables and Legends' was born in this

    In 1990 Bruno Nardini died, but Adriana's palette never stopped creating on behalf of a Swedish publishing house, AB Pictura.

    Adriana Saviozzi died on April 21, 2009, at the age of 91.

    She illustrated Alice in the World of Wonders for La Capitol di Bologna in 1956 and for Vallecchi in 1969.

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    Here, you can see a few of her illustrations from Fables of Leonardo da Vinci. There are 73 fables and you can read four of them, plus the table of contents. (Someone said that some of the fables are actually chapters from longer stories.) Oddly,
    Saviozzi's name was rearranged, as you'll see!


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