• R.I.P. Byron Burton, 92, preschool writer/illustrator ("Where's Al?" 19

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    What I posted in 2020:

    Not to be confused with a 30ish novelist.

    There are many read-alouds of his books on YouTube.

    (book covers)

    (Kirkus reviews)

    (reader reviews)

    About one of his more acclaimed books, Where's Al?:
    "Describes the individual adventures of a boy and his pet dog from the
    time they are separated in the busy city until they find each other

    (Q&A from 2014)

    (another Q&A 2014 interview)

    From "Contemporary Authors":

    Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Barton's home was often his
    playground because of his father's job--he sold coal and wood during
    the winter and ice during the summer. "To a small boy, our home with
    its woodpiles, barns, and attics, made an ideal playground," Barton
    once stated. However, all this would be left behind the year Barton
    entered the fourth grade, when the family of seven moved to Los
    Angeles, California. It was in this new state that Barton's interest
    in drawing and art began, mostly because of the different teaching
    methods used in his new school. "In class, when subjects I had already
    learned came up, I was allowed to go to the back of the room to play
    with paints," Barton explained. "I remember making large paintings of
    Indians in their canoes, alongside their tepees, and hunting animals.
    My pictures were hanging all over the back walls of the class and
    cloakroom. I became known as 'the artist.'"


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