• R.I.P. Elizabeth Rose, 86? in 2020 (British writer, "Punch & Judy Carry

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    Not to be confused with the much younger American paranormal romance novelist.

    Aka Elizabeth Jane Pretty Rose.

    I just found out, but I can't find an exact death date.

    Her husband Gerald' s illustrations for "Old Winkle and the Seagulls" won the Kate Greenaway Medal.

    (some book covers and a photo from her husband's obituary)

    (more covers and some text - this is better)

    (reader reviews)

    Review of "Old Winkle & the Seagulls," by Nancy:

    "The Skipper smoked dark shag in his brier pipe and gazed sadly at the empty sea."
    THIS is the sentence I have been waiting for, want more of, and so rarely find in today's picture books.

    And thank you for the art, which often delivers just that morsel more to moment that you are hungry for. (And how is this not Ben Shahn. It sure looks like Ben Shahn.)

    I'm personally sorry the expert academics are the fools, but who cannot love Old Winkle (I cannot not). But this is 1960, so maybe today there could be a story where the intuitive and the scholastic spark in each other the answer. I would read that story.

    "Men were proud to say they had been in Winkle's company." Lord, I also love this sentence, for how it shows the change.

    It's a world where a baby in a stroller gets excited about fish. I'm there.


    Most of what I posted in 2013:


    All juveniles; all illustrated by husband Gerald Rose; most published by Faber:

    * How St. Francis Tamed the Wolf, 1958.
    * Wuffles Goes to Town, 1959.

    * (Co-author with Gerald Rose) Old Winkle and the Seagulls, 1960, reprinted, Penguin, 1976.
    * Charlie on the Run, 1961.
    * The Big River, 1962, Norton, 1964.
    * (With G. Rose) Punch and Judy Carry On, 1962.
    * (With G. Rose) St. George and the Fiery Dragon, 1963.
    * (Adaptor) Good King Wenceslas, 1964, Transatlantic, 1966.
    * (Adaptor) The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Walker & Co., 1966.
    * Tim's Giant Marrow, Benn, 1966.
    * (Adaptor) The Magic Suit, 1966.
    * (With G. Rose) Alexander's Flycycle, 1967, Walker & Co., 1969.

    * (With G. Rose) The Great Oak, 1970.
    * (With G. Rose) Androcles and the Lion, 1971.
    * (With G. Rose) Albert and the Green Bottle, 1972.
    * (With G. Rose) Wolf! Wolf!, Merrimack Book Service, 1974.
    * Mick Keeps a Secret, Benn, 1974.
    * (Adaptor with G. Rose) Lucky Hans, Merrimack Book Service, 1976.

    * The Latter-Day Cannibals, Freelance Publishers, 1990.

    * Kyro's Secret, Wig Wam Publishing, 2000.

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