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    She was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1990.

    According to the Renée Reggiani Foundation in Rome, she died on May 11, 2019.

    (in Italian; this also has some book covers)

    In 1955, she began writing and producing TV programs.

    Three books of hers available in English are:

    Five Children And A Dog (UK edition: Adventures of Five Children And A Dog) aka When Dreams Have No Money 1960

    ("...are a band of Sicilian waifs of varying ages and disadvantages, whom Turi, a would-be band-master, teaches to play instruments together. When Turi wins a scholarship to study band-mastering in far-off Milan, the children finagle train tickets and
    follow him, and subsequent adventures lead the Little Sicilian Band to smashing success on nation-wide television...")

    Tomorrow and the Next Day 1964

    ("Story of a young teacher who comes to a small Italian village to open a school in an ignorant and superstitious community. Students and villagers slowly see logical explanations to magical powers they dreaded." "Antonio Lasala does not audition as he
    had planned, instead he goes to Southern Italy to set up a school, receive credits from the Ministry, and begin a teaching career elsewhere. Though vowing repeatedly to leave, he is drawn into the life of the village and the charm of the children in his
    primitive little school.")

    The Sun Train 1966

    ("Story of a 13 year old girl and her family living in Sicily. They are given the opportunity to move to the mainland and with all their possessions, including the family goat, they set out for Torino.")

    And, from 1968:

    Carla degli scavi

    "Carla, a modern girl living in Milan, is sent to live with her uncle, a Neapolitan scholar, who resents the superficiality he attributes to modern youth as well as anything which might disturb his carefully planned everyday life. Dispite their
    differences, a common interest of both is the archaeological excavations of Stabia, a Roman town which, like Pompei, was buried by a volcanic eruption in 82 A.D. The story of this discovery, due to the studies of Carla's uncle (and based on true,
    nonfictional events), as well as the difficulties he faces in his reconstruction of life in ancient times allow the two characters to deepen their mutual knowledge and enrich their respect for each other."

    Two of her adult titles translate as: "Daily Monsters" and "Somebody Kidnapped the Pope."

    From "Something About the Author," vol. 18:

    "Renee Reggiani was first among the living Italian and foreign authors in the classification of the Montessori's Association for the reading books in the secondary schools."

    (photos and book covers)

    (three Kirkus reviews)

    (none of the titles is in English, but a few of the reader reviews are)

    (2014 article in Italian, with videos of Reggiani)

    There are some videos on YouTube as well.


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    For some reason that Kirkus link didn't work. Here's another:


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