• R.I.P. Al Jaffee, 102 (MAD cartoonist)

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    (obits and tributes galore - I haven't seen anything on TV yet, though!)

    And, my tribute to Jaffee on his 100th birthday - thankfully, almost all of the links still work!


    And if you click on the 90th-birthday thread within (8:55:50 AM), there are several posters from rec.arts.comics.strips.

    From a 2010 interview in "Mother Jones" magazine:

    MJ: You say you are still trying to prove adults are full of ----.
    What gets you worked up these days?

    AJ: You could walk up to somebody and say, "What would you think if we
    made the air clean that we breathe?" and that person could turn around
    and say, "You want me to lose my job?" I mean, we are polarized. Any improvement you want to make—in health care, in air quality, in
    preventing global warming, turning things green—you are going to find
    an equal number of people who are against it without knowing why. A
    satirist's job is impossible today... ________________________________________________

    And...(since one link didn't work) here is a short video of Stephen Colbert and a few of the old "Fold-Ins."

    More importantly, check out the cake Colbert had made for Jaffee on his 85th birthday - it appears just before the 1-minute mark. (grin)


    In the meantime, here's one memory I have of Jaffee's "Snappy Answers":

    Q: "Going to shovel snow?"

    A: "No, I'm going to eat it. That's why I brought out this great big spoon with me."

    "No, I'm going to shovel dirt. Of course, I'll have to get rid of all this white stuff before I can do that."

    "No, I'm going to play baseball with this strikeout-proof bat I invented." _____________________________________________________

    And, from 2019, here's an opinion piece by Tim Kreider with a photo from 1936 of...Jaffee and Will Elder!



    There’s a photo, taken in 1936, of Al Jaffee and Wolf Eisenberg, a.k.a. Will Elder, goofing around in the cafeteria of the High School of Music and Art in New York, where they were students.

    They’re mugging for the camera, their faces pulled into the kinds of caricatures they would later draw — Jaffee grimacing with his eyes squinched up and nose twisted to one side while shoving a whole sandwich in his mouth, Elder making a cross-eyed
    Quasimodo face and tipping a milk bottle toward his protruding lips and tongue, their hands clawed and gesticulating — basically acting like wiseass teenagers of any era. But these boys grew up to become two of “the usual gang of idiots” — the
    stable of artists for Mad magazine, who turned teenage wiseassery into an art form and an institution, and eventually turned all America into one big high school cafeteria.

    The announcement last week that Mad would cease monthly publication of new material made me sad in the far-off way you feel when you hear that a celebrity you didn’t know was still alive has died...

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