• R.I.P. Arthur S. Rosenblatt, 83, in Oct. 2021 (playwright & YA author:

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    An advertising director and copywriter, he used to live in Norfolk, Connecticut (I know the area - it's very rural).

    Not to be confused with the architect/museum director (1931-2005).


    Arthur S. Rosenblatt
    Former Norfolk first selectman

    By Bill Cloutier -December 16, 2021010

    NORFOLK – Arthur S. Rosenblatt passed away peacefully on Oct. 29, 2021, at Noble Horizons in Salisbury, where he had been living since 2015.

    Born in Boston, Mass., on April 21, 1938, he was the beloved second son of Doris and Eliot Rosenblatt. His brother Norman, nephews Mitchell and Andrew Rosenblatt, and his niece Susan Potas survive him.

    He worked for many years in communications and then turned to writing children’s books. Serving three terms as the first selectman of Norfolk, he oversaw many improvements to the town.


    What I posted in 2018:

    He's also known for more commercial juveniles, as you'll see.

    About "Smarty":

    "Marty, a smart but forgettable kid in the seventh grade, makes his bid for attention when he decides to run for president against the most popular boy in his class."

    From Amazon:

    Sparkina "I read this book as a teen, and I was a gifted teen, so I felt for 13-year-old Martin, whose giftedness made him feel like a dork. This touching book is fiction but it's not fantasy. There are thousands of real life Martins walking around
    feeling like dorks because they're gifted, and this books message is YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE A DORK. The world needs more "Martins." Clark Kent may have looked like a dork, but he was a SUPERHERO"

    About "Please Hang Up" (it's 20 minutes long):


    "A bright young man, Tom, has met an attractive young woman, Judy, and has obtained her telephone number. He tries to call her for a date. Alas, he reaches her telephone answering machine and gets a recording. He makes a strong pitch but fails to leave
    his number for a return call. Then Judy enters and she's delighted to hear from him, albeit on tape. She tries to contact Tom through friends but is unsuccessful. She persists -- and so does Tom!

    "A courtship by answering machines ensues, interrupted by the attempts of Tom's ever-concerned, meddling-but-well-meaning mother to reach Tom for a report on everything. A number of other voices are also periodically involved in the chaos, complicating
    matters. When all appears lost, as if nothing will come of this ultramodern game of love except frustration, a surprisingly cooperative cupid comes through. Via answering machine, of course!"

    (reader reviews)

    (book covers)


    Please Hang Up: A One-Act Play, Dramatic Publishing, 1984.
    William Shakespeare's King Lear, (Barron's Book Notes), 1984.
    William Shakespeare's Richard III, (Barron's Book Notes), 1985.


    Smarty, Little, Brown, 1981.
    Strawberry Shortcake and the Deep, Dark Woods, illustrations by Pat Sustendal, Parker Brothers, 1983.
    The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine, illustrations by Joe Ewers, Parker Brothers, 1984.
    Runners to the Rescue, illustrations by Ewers, Parker Brothers, 1984.
    (Under name Arthur Rosenblatt) Keep On Caring (based on a film featuring the Care Bears), illustrations by Tom Cooke, Parker Brothers, 1985.
    (Under name Arthur Rosenblatt) The Magical Train, Parker Brothers, 1985.
    Danger Mouse: Noah's Park, illustrations by Ewers, Little, Brown, 1986.*

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