• Bob Reese, 84, in Nov. 2022 (former Disney artist and more)

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    Talk about a life well lived...

    (with photo and one of his drawings)

    Salt Lake City, UT - Robert Ament Reese passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 30, 2022 at the age of 84. He was independent and physical to the end and passed with a smile on his face and a glitter in his eye. He was handsome and charismatic,
    even in death.

    We are heartbroken to lose our Dad, Friend and Grandpa and thankful to spend our last beautiful Thanksgiving with him. He was born in Hollywood, California. His mother Isabelle was an English teacher and wonderful pianist, and his father Jack was a radio
    star and world record holder in competitive badminton.

    Bob, as everyone called him, had his first art job was working at Walt Disney Studios while in high school. With his extraordinary artistic talent, he drew the blue fairy Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.
    Not only an artist but an exceptional athlete, he played basketball at BYU after being recruited from a junior college in California. He was strong and stood 6'3" and kept his youthful appearance and healthy lifestyle into his later years.

    Although he loved the beaches of California and visiting the oceans of the world, he loved the mountains and lakes of Utah, and that was his home. He dreamed of visiting the Galapogos Islands and Africa, and we hope he is flying high and soaring over
    those places as we speak. He was a geology major in college and loved talking about rock formations, dinosaurs, the universe and what came before us and what will come after us.

    He adored animals, taking in stray cats, and growing up surrounded by dogs. You could often find one on his lap as he talked and petted them lovingly. He spent part of his youth living on a farm with is Aunt and Uncle and developed a love for wide open
    spaces, fresh artichokes, oranges and the world's natural beauty. (His other loves included Classic Coca-Cola, movies, Utah Jazz, Reese's peanut butter cups and nice cars.).

    He was a successful entrepreneur and started and ran his business ARO Publishing for 60 plus years. He wrote and illustrated over one hundred children's books, many of which can be found in schools, libraries and some were award winning. He had an
    incredibly strong work ethic and was never one to give up. If things got hard, he worked harder. He taught us when you get down, you get back up and keep fighting. He didn't see limits and believed you could achieve your dreams and should keep dreaming
    and working, up to the last minute you spend on earth. He made friends everywhere he went with his confident and charismatic personality.

    He loved the new friends he made at his last home and residence, Truewood, and close, special family friends including Sergio Payan, Kat Payne, and extended family including the Olsen's, Seely's, Fairbanks, Willoughby's and more. Always a dreamer and an
    optimist, he never let anything get him down for long. He adored his grandkids and attended dance recitals, soccer games, wrestling /jiujitsu matches and piano recitals. He loved his ex-wife and lifelong friend, Nancy, and we all remained a close family
    even after the divorce.

    He is preceded in death by his mom Isabelle Reese, his dad Jack Reese, and his brother Ronald Reese. He is survived by his daughters Natalie Groathouse and her husband Tony Groathouse, and Brittany Dew and her partner Tony Jones, and grandchildren Sean
    Groathouse, Lauren Groathouse, Alec Groathouse, Phoenix Dew, Xavier Dew, and Chloe Jones.

    We love him and will always save a seat for him. We will miss his laugh and sense of humor. He was always one to crack a smile or joke and give us a good belly laugh. We were so proud of his accomplishments and he was proud of us. We will see you again
    soon Dad / Grandpa. You still live here with us in our memories and in the world around us...


    What I posted in 2018:

    From Aro Publishing:

    "In 2003 Reese teamed up with Janie Sphat Gill Ph.D. to produce a series of 54 predictable reading books for young children and in 2005 the books won the Teachers Choice Award as the best educational reading series in the country."

    (book covers)

    (reader reviews)

    Self-illustrated children's books; under name Bob Reese; all published by Childrens Press, except as noted:

    Crab Apple, Aro Publishing, 1979.
    Little Dinosaur, Aro Publishing, 1979.
    Sunshine, Aro Publishing, 1979.
    Lactus Cactus, 1981.
    Tweedle-De-Dee Tumbleweed, 1981.
    Rapid Robert Roadrunner, 1981.
    The Critter Race, 1981.
    Scary Larry the Very, Very Hairy Tarantula, 1981.
    Huzzard Buzzard, 1981.
    Dale the Whale, 1983.
    Spongee Sponge, 1983.
    Ocean Fish School, 1983.
    Oola Oyster, 1983.
    Wellington Pelican, 1983.
    Coral Reef, 1983.
    Scary Larry Meets Big Willie, 1983.
    Calico Jack and the Desert Critters, 1983.
    Rapid Robert and Hiss the Snake, 1983.
    Tweedle-De-Dee and the Dust Devil, 1983.
    Lactus Cactus, the Green Machine, 1983.
    Huzzard Buzzard Helps a Friend, 1983.
    The Pamba and the Bink, Aro Publishing, 1984.
    Recess, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    (With Nancy Reese) Sack Lunch, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    Field Trip, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    Glasses, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    Art, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    ABC, Children's Press (Chicago, IL), 1992.
    (With Nancy Reese and Janie Spaht Gill) Can Do: 10 Words, Aro Publishing Company, 1997.
    (With Nancy Reese and Brittany Reese) For Keeps: 10 Words, Aro Publishing Company, 1997.


    " Going Ape" series; published by Aro Publishing: Apricot Ape, 1984.
    Ape Escape, 1984.
    Honest Ape, 1984.
    The Ape Team, 1984.
    Going Bananas, 1984.
    The Jungle Train, 1984.
    Wendy Kanno, " Funny Farm" series (six volumes), Aro Publishing, 1984.
    Janie Spaht Gill, Pigouts, Aro Pub. (Provo, UT), 1997.
    Nancy Reese, Silly Egg, Aro Publishing Company, 1997.
    Ron Reese, Sammy Skunk, Aro Publishing Company, 1997.
    Janie Spaht Gill and Ron Reese, Toy Bear, Dominie Pr., 1997.

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