• R.I.P. W.B. Park, 84, in Jan. 2021 (Writer/illustrator: "The Pig in the

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    The kind and gentle heart of W. B. (Bill) Park gave out in the early hours of Jan. 2, 2021, as he made his journey from this life to the next. After persevering through several health issues for years, he died peacefully at home surrounded by his loving

    Bill was born in Sanford, Florida, in 1936 as the youngest son of Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Park Sr. He graduated from the University of Florida with a major in art and completed graduate work at New York's School for the Visual Arts. After working in New York
    and Atlanta, Bill moved back home and married his high school sweetheart Eva Kratzert (Evie) in 1961.

    Bill was a well-known international cartoonist, writer and illustrator. He opened his Park-Art Studio in Orlando in 1963. He had over 60 cartoons published in The New Yorker magazine, and his sketches graced the pages of Harpers, the Smithsonian Magazine
    and the Nation. For over 30 years, Bill was also the artist in residence for the Litigation Journal of the American Bar Association. In addition to his cartoons, Bill wrote six children's books. He also traveled and wrote articles for Travel and Leisure,
    Saturday Review, Sports Illustrated, and many other publications.

    Bill's professional work was witty and ironic; he delighted at poking fun at the ridiculous. But in his private life, he was passionate about public policy and social justice. He marched, protested, and wrote articles about his fierce fight against
    injustices. He made sure to stand up for what he believed in – no matter the cost. He was a faithful advocate for the underprivileged through his wit and words, and he lived his life as a role model for justice and peace.

    Bill's greatest passion, however, was reserved for Evie and his family. Evie was the love of his life, his soul mate, his best friend. They grew up together and reached their 59th anniversary this past Dec. 28. She was the calm, loving and steadying
    influence that balanced his artistic temperament. Their loyal and everlasting love stands as an example of what marriage should be and set the precedent for everyone who witnessed it...


    (this has some cartoons and book covers)


    What I posted in 2016:

    (brief bio)

    (a few book covers)



    •The Pig in the Floppy Black Hat, Putnam, 1973.
    ("The pig insists his floppy black hat makes him a magician, not a pig, and convinces everyone he meets of that fact--or almost everyone.")

    •Jonathan's Friends, Putnam, 1977.

    •Charlie-Bob's Fan, Harcourt, 1981.
    ("A dog who tries everything he can think of to turn on a fan on a hot day is outdone by a cat who accidentally trips the switch.")

    •The Costume Party, Little, Brown, 1981.

    •Who's Sick!, Houghton, 1983.
    ("Walter and Wendell both wake up very sick on the day they think they have to go to the dentist.")

    •Bakery Business, Little, Brown, 1983.

    •William Kottmeyer and Audrey Claus, Basic Goals in Spelling, McGraw, 1972. •R. N. Peck, King of Kazoo, Knopf, 1976.
    •Peck, Basket Case, Doubleday, 1979.
    •Junior Great Books, Series 2-3, Volume 1; Series 4, Volume 2, Great Books Foundation, 1984.

    •Off the Leash, Topper Books, 1987.
    •Far Off the Leash, Topper Books, 1989.

    •City Heat: Stories & Poems, Park-Art (Altamonte Springs, FL), 2005. ("...Will Park hits every emotional button: laughter at going to a nudist camp; lust from going to school with Ava Gardner; and fear from playing chess with the devil.")

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