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    She (probably) lives in Prague. Her husband is Josef Palecek, illustrator/filmmaker.

    (a few synopses)

    (book covers)

    (more covers)

    Some works available in English:

    Pummel The Little Hippopotamus 1976
    by Libuse Palecek and Josef Palecek

    The bird of happiness 1980

    Mightiest in the World 1980
    by Libuse Palecek and Josef Palecek

    The Magic Grove: A Persian Folktale 1985
    by Libuse Palecek and Josef Palecek

    Brave as a Tiger, 1995

    Very bad mistake on my part!

    She apparently died in 2013, in Prague. (What's weird is that there's no exact date - but several sites claim that was the year..)

    Please let me know if she's alive.



    Director, screenwriter, artist and author of various verses and rhymes Libuše Palečková was born in Milín near Příbram on September 4, 1937. After graduating from grammar school, she graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing
    Arts in Prague, majoring in directing, dramaturgy and scenic design. She worked as a director and artist in theater, television, literature and film.

    From 1965 she worked in Czechoslovak Television and later in the Central Puppet Theatre. As an assistant director she worked with directors František Vláčil and Karel Kachyňa. At the same time, she published verses in the magazines Host do domu,
    Orientace, Plamen, Mladý svět and Literární noviny. She has written screenplays for Krátký film Praha and Barrandov Film Studios.

    After the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies in 1968, when entire editorial offices, both in magazines and in Czechoslovak Television, were replaced, and thus changes in dramaturgical intentions, all its previous activities ended and it remained

    In 1969, together with her husband, the painter Josef Paleček, she created her first picture book for children for the Swiss publishing house Nord-Süd Verlag entitled - I Don't Like Everywhere, for which she won the French literary prize Grand Prix de
    Treize in 1974.

    Since then, together with Josef Paleček, she has published 15 titles of picture books in more than 25 countries around the world.

    In 2000 she was nominated for the Dresden Lyric Prize 2000 for her collection of poems "Lines". In the same year, she won the Award for Contribution to the Development of Children's Reading 2000 and the Golden Ribbon for her picture book "Gift" in the
    Czech Republic for her editorial achievement in the publication of an overall extraordinary publication.

    As an author of poetry for adult readers, she wrote and submitted to the press in 1967 the poetry collection The Sale. It was accepted for publication by the publishing house Československý spisovatel Praha, but after the occupation it was taken out of
    production and returned to the author in 1969.

    In 1960 she wrote her first screenplay for a graduate theatre production based on Bohuslav Martinů's Who is the Most Powerful in the World and Pierot and Colombina. She is the author of four screenplays for edited documentaries, which she wrote in 1964
    for Krátký film Praha: Laughter and Crying; Happy New Year; How to bridle horses and the Golden Treasure of the Republic. After a long break, her three screenplays for Krátký film Praha were realized in 1977.

    The screenplay for the animated film Tylínek (1978) was intended for Krátký film Praha and in 1982 she wrote the screenplay for the animated film The Magic Orchard on her own story. Between 1985 and 1986, Czechoslovak Television, in cooperation with
    Krátký film Praha, based on the story The Wizard from the Land of Oz, and based on a screenplay by Libuše Palečková, in cooperation with Václav Nývlt, produced the television series The Magician from the Emerald City.

    In 1995, UNESCO commissioned Libuše Palečková to write the screenplay for the Year of Tolerance. The resulting synopsis for the morality play I'm not the enemy, I'm just different, was not realized for lack of funds and the audition was cancelled

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